The Voice will crown its latest winner on Dec. 19. Enstars is looking back on the season by revealing our favorite performances of Season 13.

Chris Weaver: "Try A Little Tenderness" (Team Jennifer-Blind Auditions)

Long Island, New York worship leader and drag performer Chris Weaver kickstarted Season 13 with his powerful interpretation of Otis Redding's "Try A Little Tenderness" that caught the attention of all four coaches. Weaver's bombastic performance also introduced America to the art of throwing a shoe as his Oscar-winning coach threw Miley's shoe onto the stage.

Lucas Holliday Versus Meagan McNeel: "My Prerogative" (Team Jennifer-Battle Rounds)

Both of these Team Jennifer artists were only one chair turns. Holliday and McNeel delivered the best Battle Round of the season when they tore apart Bobby Brown's "My Prerogative." The duo transformed it into a vocal gymnastic powerhouse song. Sadly, McNeel was eliminated after the battle and Holliday did not even make the live shows.

Moriah Formica: "Behind These Hazel Eyes" (Team Miley-Knockout Rounds)

Moriah Formica was one of the strongest artists during the taped portion of the show. Her powerful rock voice shook the Universal Studios Hollywood soundstages. Formica even earned the respect of future coach Kelly Clarkson when she tackled "Behind These Hazel Eyes." Sadly, her coach, Miley Cyrus, did not choose to advance her to the live shows.

Jon Mero: "Why I Love You" (Team Adam-Top 12)

Team Adam's R&B star, Jon Mero, delivered a beautiful vocal interpretation of Major's "Why I Love You." Mero showcased his falsetto as he gave the audience a strong case of the goosebumps. Unfortunately, Mero was eliminated after this fantastic vocal performance.

Janice Freeman: "The Story" (Team Miley-Top 12)

Since her Blind Audition, Janice Freeman was one of Season 13's constant performers. Her powerful vocal performances made a contender for the title. Freeman merged rock and soul together when she sang Brandi Carlile's "The Story." The Team Miley singer brought heart into this performance. One week later, Freeman was eliminated from the competition after an emotional Instant Save performance.

Chloe Kohanski: "Call Me" (Team Blake-Top 10)

Chloe Kohanski earned her spot in the Season 13 finale with her outstanding interpretation of Blondie's "Call Me." Kohanksi's husky vocals transported the audience to a rave on The Voice stage. The performance was not only one of Kohanski's best but "Call Me" also received an iTunes vote multiplier because it made it to the iTunes Overall Top 10 List.

Keisha Renae: "All By Myself" (Team Blake-Top 10)

Longtime Reality TV aficionados know that American Idol alum Pia Toscano mastered "All By Myself." However, Team Blake's Keisha Renae gave Toscano a run for her money during Top 10 night. Renae's superb vocal performance should have easily offered her a spot in the Season 13, but she was eliminated during the Top Eight bloodbath.

Davon Fleming: "Ain't No Way" (Team Jennifer-Top 10 Instant Save)

Outside of his fellow Team Jennifer artist Chris Weaver, Davon Fleming was the best male vocalist of the season. His Instant Save performance of Aretha Franklin's "Ain't No Way" was a vocal gymnastic performance that earned him the Instant Save of the week. Like Renae, Fleming fell short of reaching the finale.

Addison Agen: "Both Sides Now" (Team Adam-Top 8)

Since the show broadcasted live on Nov. 20, Team Adam's Addison Agen has been blossoming as a performer. She tackled both Joni Mitchell's "A Case of You" and Britney Spears' "Lucky," but Agen earned her spot in the Season 13 finale when she performed Mitchell's "Both Sides Now." Backed by an orchestra, Agen delivered a beautiful performance that showcased elegance, grace, and class.

Brooke Simpson: "Faithfully" (Team Miley-Top 8)

Team Miley's last woman standing made a strong case to go to the Season 13 finale. Brooke Simpson's strong interpretation of "Faithfully" showcased not only sturdy vocals but also strong determination. Viewers rewarded Simpson and her coach, Miley Cyrus, a spot in the Season 13 finals.