NBC struck gold with the bold decision of bringing back the iconic show Will & Grace.

While other reboots and revivals are struggling to hold on to their nostalgia, Will & Grace haven't encountered those problems. The show kicked off the new year with a brand new episode that brought back Megan Mullally's husband, Nick Offerman, in a stand-out, comedic role.

Friends and Lover

Offerman portrayed famous bread maker, Jackson Boudreaux. Boudreaux hosts a breadmaking class that Will and Grace decide to sign up for since the two feel they've become boring.

Boudreaux is a highly sexual instructor who immediately comes on to the two friends while of course neither one of them is aware. In the following scene, Bourdeaux comes out of Grace's room completely naked while Will is oblivious. Then the next night, the same thing happens again, only Boudreaux is scurrying out of Will's room in the nude.

The truth comes out in the morning when Boudreaux strolls out of Will's room as if the situation was normal. Boudreaux even assumed that the two knew they were sleeping with the same man.

"What have you two talked about for the past three days?" he asks jokingly.

In true Will and Grace form, the friends begin a competition over the handsome bread maker while also feigning that the situation doesn't upset them. The two are then invited to Boudreaux 's place for a "party," only two find that they're the only ones in attendance.

It turns out, Boudreaux wants to sleep with both of them at the same time, after he slept with each of them first. This puts an end to the hilarious love triangle as Will and Grace run out of the apartment.

Elsewhere, Jack and Karen can't get a song out of their head. The tune is from a "Trucks for Tikes" commercial that Jack nor Karen can't stop singing.

From slapping each other to losing sleep, the two end up in the emergency room with hope to get a doctor to help them. When they spot Boudreaux, who ended in the emergency for consuming too much snake venom in his bread, they reveal to each other that Will and Grace are sleeping with him.

Jack and Karen burst into laughter when they discover that their friends are sleeping with the same man, which somehow cures their dilemma. The episode ends with Boudreaux hitting on Karen who replies, "You're not even my type."

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