Mother Of H&M Model Tells Everyone To 'Get Over It'

On Monday, Jan. 8, popular clothing store, H&M, caused major controversy after they posted a photo of an African-American boy wearing a green hoodie that said, "Cutest monkey in the jungle."

H&M has since apologized for what everyone believed to be racist. The retail store took to social media to release a statement that stated the photo was removed from their site and that they believe in diversity.

Consumers immediately took to social media to share their thoughts about the ad and respond to the brand's apology. Although everyone wondered who approved the ad, they also wondered where was the young boy's mother and why was she okay with her son sporting the "inappropriate" hoodie.

The Mother Steps In

Well, Terry Mango, the mother of the child who appeared in the H&M ad, has finally come forward, and her response has everyone shocked.

"Am the mum and this is one of hundreds of outfits my son has modeled," Mango wrote. "Stop crying wolf all the time, unnecessary issue here ... get over it."

Mango went on to state that she has been to all of her son's photoshoots, and that everyone is entitled to their opinion.

"If I bought that jumper and put it on him and posted it on my pages, would that make me racist? I get pples opinion, but they are not mine," Mango continued.

G-Eazy Joins The Weeknd And Ends Partnership

Consumers and social media users weren't the only ones who expressed their thoughts on the ad. Celebrities took it as far as deciding to part ways with the company.

On Tuesday, singer and songwriter, The Weeknd, who has had two collaborations with the company, decided to cut ties after the photo was released.

The "Starboy" singer, wasn't the only celebrity that decided to end his collaboration with the retail store. Rapper, G-Eazy joined the singer and took to his Instagram to reveal his decision to end his partnership.

"I can't allow for my name and brand to be associated with a company that could let this happen. I hope that this situation will serve as the wake up call that H&M and other companies need to get on track and become racially and culturally aware, as well as more diverse at every level," G-Eazy wrote.

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