Anne Heche Claims She Was Fired By Harvey Weinstein For Refusing His 'Sexual Advances'

Harvey Weinstein was once a celebrated movie giant that helped launch the careers of various actors and actresses who are now A-list celebrities. Now, the movie mogul is a sham of who he once was as his past alleged sexual crimes where exposed four months ago.

Since an expose article was written about Weinstein, the producer is facing more than 80 allegations of sexual misconduct. Weinstein has denied these accusations but more women continue to speak out against him.

The latest actress to name Weinstein as a sexual predator is Anne Heche.

Heche Vs. Weinstein

Heche alleges that she was let go from a project after Weinstein exposed his penis to her and wanted the actress to perform oral sex on him. 

"The fact is, I was fired from a job that I had been hired for in Miramax. The repercussions of standing up for yourself were as deep and targeted as some of the scars of the women who actually got more physically, unfortunately, involved," Heche stated.

Heche didn't elaborate on what the project was but she did state that Weinstein threatened her after she refused to partake in any sexual activity with him. She continued that Weinstein would not prey on older women and would often target women that were young and impressionable. 

"He hits on me when I'm 19, 20, 21, 22, vulnerable, scared, frightened. And that doesn't mean it's not going to happen anymore, but it sure as hell got a kick in the pants the last couple of months," the actress continued.

The John Q actress, who claimed in the past that she was abused by her father, also stated that if she didn't go through that experience, she would not have the strength to stand up to Weinstein.

Weinstein's Downfall

After the allegations against Weinstein broke, the producer began to suffer the repercussions of his alleged disgusting deeds. Weinstein's wife, Georgina Chapman, left him, and is reportedly planning to divorce him.

Weinstein was also let go from Miramax and was expelled from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and the Directors Guild of America. Numerous celebrities and political figures publicly distanced themselves from him and Weinstein is currently "seeking treatment" in a rehabilitation center in Arizona.

Weinstein's public downfall also began the "Weinstein effect" where various other actors, including Kevin Spacey and Dustin Hoffman, were accused of similar crimes. 

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