Michael Douglas Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Writer Susan Braudy

Wall Street actor Michael Douglas's accuser of a sexual misconduct over 32 years ago is speaking on her story and on how Douglas allegedly assaulted her. 

The actor came forward and admitted on Jan. 9 that he was being accused of sexual assault. He stated that he was being contacted by multiple outlets about a story from a former employee, a writer, claiming the allegation against him.

Though Douglas had denied the accusation, he said he wanted to shut down the story of the woman, now revealed as Susan Braudy, and "get ahead of it" before it came out.

Braudy's Story 

Braudy recounted her story during an appearance on the Today Show where the writer stated that she was employed for Douglas in the late 1980s, when the incident occurred. Braudy stated that she was meeting Douglas for a script meeting when the actor unzipped his pants in front of her and began to touch himself. 

"I realized to my horror that he was rubbing his private parts. Within seconds his voice cracked and it appeared to me he'd had an orgasm," Braudy stated

Braudy claimed that after the incident occurred, her work relationship with Douglas changed and the actor asked her to sign a confidentially agreement, signifying he was going to terminate her. She never signed the agreement.

"I said nothing. I was surprised I wasn't falling to pieces even though I was humiliated. I realized he thought he could do anything he wanted because he was so much more powerful than I was. Michael ran barefoot after me to the elevator, zipping his fly and buckling his belt. 'Hey, thank you, you're good. You helped me, thank you, thank you," she continued

Braudy elaborated that her family and friends were "concerned" for her which is why she did not come forward sooner. Braudy also claimed that she wasn't aware of any sexual harassment movements taking place currently. 

Douglas Claims Innocence

Douglas denied the allegation through his lawyer claiming that he felt his accuser was "holding onto a grudge" because of her unsuccessful career.

The 73 year-old actor's wife, actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, defended her husband's decision to head off the allegation, claiming "there was no other way."

The two have stated that they fully support the #MeToo and Time's Up movements and remain optimistic about the change that is taking place in Hollywood. 

"My reaction was that as two people who have been in this business -- him longer than me -- was that we support 'Me Too' and the movement more than anybody, anybody -- me as a woman, him as a man," Zeta-Jones stated. 

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