The road to Wrestlemania has well and truly begun but with the next stop just weeks away, RAW looked to build some serious momentum.

An Entertaining Kickoff

With that in mind, this week's episode was quick out of the gate with a match pitting Bray Wyatt against The Big Dog himself Roman Reigns for a qualifying spot in the Elimination Chamber.

The Big Dog has been losing a lot lately but he wasn't going to let this chance slip away and easily defeated Wyatt in an entertaining opener. Considering he's slated to face off against Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania, it's unlikely there will be too many other negative moments for Reigns in the coming weeks.

Elsewhere, Jason Jordan was set to face off against Seth Rollins but was predictably not cleared to do so just minutes before they were about to meet in the ring. Reigns took his place and surprisingly, wasn't terrible for once. Jordan ended up costing Rollins the match — in his hometown of Des Moines, IA no less — due to some unnecessary interference toward the end.

Triple Threat Shocks

The main event saw Braun Strowman, John Cena, and Elias facing off in a Triple Threat. The prize was the opportunity to enter the Elimination Chamber match last.

The biggest surprise of the night found Elias emerging victorious here, thereby earning the right to enter the Chamber last. It was a neat creative trick, adding stakes to a match with little juice otherwise, but the outcome gave Elias a big win he arguably didn't need or earn.

RAW was otherwise more of the same this week, though a tag team match saw the always-welcome Balor Club take on The Revival in hilarious fashion. Karl Anderson was, as usual, MVP in relation to both gut-busting moves and funny asides during the match.

The Women's Revolution Continues

There was also an interesting angle with Alexa Bliss calling out Kurt Angle for being sexist, with the women's Elimination Chamber requiring her to defend her title while Brock Lesnar does not.

Women's Royal Rumble winner Asuka also took out Bayley this week, which was another fun step on her road to defeating every single member of the women's roster.

Overall, it was a solid episode of RAW that raised the stakes for the upcoming PPV while simultaneously keeping Wrestlemania fresh in the minds of fans. Considering Elimination Chamber is on Feb. 25, and there are still a couple spots left unknown, the momentum should continue to build over the next few installments.