It might be a new year but singer Jennifer Hudson and her now ex-fiancé David Otunga have brought their drama into 2018.

In the latest news concerning their high-profile breakup, Otunga shuts down Hudson’s claims that he is unemployed.

Setting The Record Straight

Apparently, Hudson made the claim against Otunga that he didn’t have a job as the two battle for custody of their 8-year-old son. The two have been going to mediation to settle their issues. Otunga has maintained that not only does he have a job, but Hudson is fully aware that he’s employed.

He clapped back at Hudson’s claim with documents of his own. She allegedly accused him of just chilling out every day. According to documents obtained by TMZ recently, she said he needs to get a job, so she won't be required to offer him any financial support.

He went on to reveal that she actually told him that he had to make a choice between her and their son or his then prominent wrestling career five years ago. He said she was the reason why he cut down on his commitment to wrestling.

Despite the choice he made, he said he does still have a job with the WWE as well as other avenues he’s working on in getting a consistent income. It should also be noted that before his wrestling days, he was an attorney and graduated from Harvard Law School.

Interestingly enough, he was also lined up to be a correspondent for the Survivor Series, a pay-per-view wrestling event back in November. He ended up walking away from that to prioritize the legal battle with Hudson.

David Otunga Fires Off Accusations Of His Own

He said money should be one of the least of Hudson's worries considering she’s bringing in anywhere from $8 million to $13 million for every season that she’s on The Voice UK.

He reportedly ended with accusations that she’s worried about her money while his utmost concern is the well-being of their child. The ex-couple and their lawyers have been ordered not to speak publicly about the case.

This is the latest in the drama between the two who split last year. They had been engaged for nearly a decade. A judge first ruled in Hudson’s favor and gave her a protective order against Otunga. Still, that ended up being canceled when Otunga had to leave the home they shared together in Burr Ridge.