Ben Higgins is ready to be in love again. The Bachelor star is trying reality dating once more in the new spin-off Bachelor Winter Games.

The 28-year-old reality television star split up with Lauren Bushnell in May 2017. The breakup came after the couple enjoyed over a year together post-Bachelor season 20.

Falling In Love In 'The Bachelor'

While things may not have worked out between him and Bushnell in the long run, Higgins has fond memories of their relationship and the show that launched it. In the premiere episode of the Bachelor Winter Games, he refers to his proposal to Bushnell as the happiest day of his life.

In fact, his success at finding love in front of the camera may have encouraged Higgins to go for another round of the Bachelor. While he admitted that his separation from his ex-girlfriend still stings, he knows it's time to move on and believes there's no better platform to achieve this than in the reality show's spin-off series.

"If there is any place that could help me move on, it's the Winter Games," Higgins says, adding that the show will host people from all around the world. "I'm hoping for that spark, for something to ignite within me. I want to be in love again."

Still, the former (and current) Bachelor isn't expecting to jump into another engagement in the spin-off. As Higgins points out in an interview with ET Online, getting engaged is a big deal.

If the audience sees him get down on one knee in Winter Games, he promises that it either means he's truly in love or he's gone crazy.

His fellow contestants are just as skeptical of his presence in the series, since Higgins is fresh off a serious relationship.

"He has this great presence of him, but I have concerns because he was recently heartbroken," Bibiana Juliana says of Higgins. "Is he really at the state where he can talk to anyone? Or even just emotionally available?"

Featuring contestants from over 10 countries plus Bachelor Nation favorites, the new spin-off of the beloved Bachelor franchise is already a surefire hit. Set in Vermont, the show not only promises the potential of finding love, but it also offers a beautiful backdrop and fun winter-themed games for the contestants.

Lauren's New Love

Higgins is in the process of moving on, but Bushnell is already in another relationship. The blonde beauty is dating Devin Antin, a real estate investor that she met on Tinder.

The former reality star may not be in front of the camera at the moment, but she keeps busy running her blog Sparkle in her Eye. Bushnell also recently moved to California to pursue fashion.