Wendy Williams To Take 3 Weeks Off Due To Health Scare

Celebrities are no superheroes. When they feel ill, they need to do their best to heal and to recuperate before they get back to work.

Wendy's Health Update

On Feb. 21, talk show host Wendy Williams gave the audience a health update. Williams started off her "Hot Topics" segments by stating that her thyroid was going bonkers and admitted that she did not have a period for an entire year. Williams also confirmed that she was going through menopause and also added that she was dealing with Graves' disease.

Williams also added that she was having trouble sleeping at night and had to use melatonin to fall asleep. She said that because of hyperthyroidism and Graves' disease, Williams admitted that she had a difficult time swallowing and had intolerance for heat. However, when Williams went to her doctor, she found out news that would shake up the show.

"My doctor has prescribed---are you ready? Three weeks of vacation. I was pissed. Encore performances, really?" stated Williams to her audience in a conversation transcribed by US Weekly.

Williams revealed that she was unhappy with the news about being off the air for several weeks. She also advised the women in her audience to put their personal health first before they take care of their families.

"Stop putting everyone first, if you are not good, then they're not good," said Williams to her audience. TMZ stated that Williams is taking time to recuperate and that the encore presentations would start tomorrow.

This is not the first time The Wendy Williams Show had to cancel tapings. Last week, The Wendy Williams Show canceled the tapings for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday due to Williams having flu-like symptoms.

Twitter Gives Feedback

Minutes after Williams shared her health update, Twitter rapidly delivered a diverse group of commentary. Loyal Wendy watchers sent out supportive tweets.

"Life's too short, Wendy. Take care of yourself. Come back well, throw less shade," wrote one Twitter user.

Other Twitter users stated that they were correct with their assumptions that Williams had been battling an illness.

"I knew something was up with Wendy Williams. It's amazing how we, her audience, know her that well. We could sense and see something was off. I hope she feels better after her vacation," wrote another Twitter user. 

Williams' Hot Topics

In addition to her health crisis, Williams has been in the tabloids for stirring up drama. She shocked fans and enraged social media on Tuesday, Feb. 20, when she announced that Beyoncé Knowles-Carter needed to use autotune to perform. Williams also took a shot at Meghan Markle when she announced that Markle tried to apply for a job at the show.

She also targeted longtime friend Tamar Braxton for breaking apart Vincent Herbert and Remy Ma's business relationship. Williams believes that Braxton's alleged demanding ways caused the deterioration of the partnership.

Enstars reached out to "The Wendy Williams Show" for a comment.

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