While reports still vary on whether rapper Remy Ma really did fire Vincent Herbert as her manager, television talk show Wendy Williams said that if true, she knows why Remy gave Herbert the boot.

Wendy Williams Unapologetically Blames Tamar Braxton

Williams took her daytime series to speak on Remy Ma and Herbert’s alleged business split. Herbert has denied that Remy fired him, but Williams said she’s convinced his wife, Grammy-nominated singer Tamar Braxton, is the root of Remy and Herbert’s reported issues.

Williams said she has suspected from the beginning that Braxton’s alleged demanding ways would cause a rift between Remy and Herbert. She maintained that Braxton would be concerned why Herbert was spending his studio time with Remy and not her. She also said that Braxton would question when Herbert would come through for her, like send her on a tour.

The outspoken host said that Braxton was not necessarily “hating” on Remy. It was just a case of “Tamar being Tamar.”

She went on to speak on reports that agree with her theory.

“Remy reportedly felt that Vince was too preoccupied with his relationship dramas with Tamar… He wants to reconnect with Tamar and he hasn’t been around as a manager enough for Remy.”

Did Remy Know What She Signed Up For?

While some of those dramas like Braxton filing for divorce and the speculation that Herbert was physically abusive toward Braxton made headlines before Remy signed him on as a manager in late 2017, much of the drama came out afterward.

During the holiday season, Braxton accused Herbert of having a child with another woman. She took to social media and said that the woman called her and let her know that she was pregnant with Herbert’s child.

Williams pointed out that another concern could be Herbert’s health. He had a sleeve removed surgically during his weight loss journey but still has lots of excess skin. Even though Williams blamed Braxton for Remy and Herbert’s split, she said she did agree with Braxton that Herbert shouldn’t get the excess skin removed because of his history with blood clots.

Herbert Speaks Out

Interestingly enough, Herbert has denied Remy firing him and said the two still work together. He even said that the two had plans to meet that day. Still, Remy hasn’t confirmed or denied the speculation that she let Herbert go.

Before Herbert, Remy’s husband -- rapper Papoose, was her manager. She explained that she and Papoose parted ways on the business side because they needed a separation between her career and their marriage.

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