Chandler Riggs does not harbor ill feelings or any bad blood toward the creators and writers when asked about his exit from The Walking Dead.

No Grudges

Fans are definitely in for an emotional moment when they bid farewell to one of the show's original characters — Carl Grimes. In a surprising plot twist completely off from any of the stories from Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead comics, the writers decided to kill Rick Grimes' son.

Riggs, who portrays the eye-patched character in the AMC series, learned about his character's fate two weeks before they filmed the dreaded episode. He learned about Carl's death just a couple of weeks before he turned 18. Since then, the actor has been making jokes about being bitter over the situation.

However, Riggs admitted in a recent interview that he does not actually have any grudges against the network or the show's writers. He said that he is not bitter about his exit from The Walking Dead.

"It's more like an innocent way to go out. That's kind of what Carl is really embodying in these last two episodes and really just kind of sums up Carl as a whole and proves that he knows that there is something after the war, it's not just killing and killing and killing and killing," Riggs tells ComicBook.

Regardless, Riggs is looking at his exit from The Walking Dead positively, since he believes it opens for more opportunities for him in the future. He also applauded the show for bringing characters that viewers can relate with in real life.

"I think it's just such a relatable show that it's hard for people to not watch," Riggs adds.


Carl's death in The Walking Dead took the cast, crew, and fans by surprise because it was unexpected. The plot twist saddened viewers who believed that Carl would eventually take over his father's legacy and lead Alexandria's survivors. Frustrated fans even started a petition asking AMC to fire showrunner Scott Gimple.

However, Riggs is leaving The Walking Dead with good memories. He is happy to be part of the show and to have received so much love and support from his fans.

"I think it's actually awesome that people have really watched me grow up and have been able to relate to a character on such a level as they've really just fallen in love with Carl and his life. I think it's amazing to be a part of something that incredible," Riggs adds.