Heather Locklear's Boyfriend Allegedly 'Choked Her And Tried To Kill Her' Before Her Arrest

New details on the arrest of Heather Locklear emerge alleging that Chris Heisser attempted to endanger her life prior to the actress' arrest on Feb. 25.

In a warrant issued by the Ventura County police department, Locklear said that her boyfriend, Heisser, tried to kill her by choking prior to the authorities making the arrest.

Heisser denied the allegations, and the arresting officers observed that Heather did not have any bruising at the time of the incident.

The 56-year-old actress, who is known as Sammy Jo Carrington in the TV series Dynasty, was charged with one count of domestic violence and three counts of misdemeanor and battery against a police officer.

He Says, She Says

Ventura County deputy sheriff reported that at the time of the arrest, Locklear was seen lying her back on the bed with feet on the ground. Heisser was standing next to the bed while holding her wrists. The police have observed that Heisser's nose bridge was bleeding apparently due to an altercation with Locklear.

Heisser, on the one hand, alleged that Locklear attacked him multiple times as she was going "crazy, angry and wild." He then changed his story upon the police interview, saying that he was fine and did not want his girlfriend to get into trouble.

Locklear's claims were supported by her account of a fight with Heisser because apparently, the latter lied to her. He has since denied the choking allegations, adding that he did not touch Locklear as per stated in the report.

One of the police officers offered to provide Locklear medical attention, but the lady went in rage and forced the authorities to leave the house.

"Get the f**k off my property. Don't ever come on it. All of you are not allowed. I will shoot you if you come on my property and take that as a threat and f**king put another count against me," threatened Locklear.

Getting Help

Locklear's daughter, Ava, told investigators that her mother has drinking problems. The police also discovered a .38 Smith and Wesson revolver under the respondent's name.

At the time of Locklear's arrest, she was subsequently brought to a hospital for treatment. She then filed a $20,000 bail and was released the next day. It was reported that Locklear is currently getting help in a treatment facility to counter her years of substance abuse.

Meanwhile, Heisser was arrested for drunk driving in California. He was released after citation and is scheduled for a court appearance on April 26.

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