The fourth season of ABC's How To Get Away with Murder is over and Season 5 is, as yet, a mystery.

Looking Ahead To The Future

Speaking at a special finale preview screening at the Sunset Gower studios on Wednesday, series creator Pete Nowalk explained how the final episode of season 4 was designed to serve as an ending to the entire thing only if only needs be.

He could, however, definitely see a fifth season happening. Nowalk feels there's more to the story here, particularly more to unravel about the characters.

 "I don't want to end on a mystery. I'd want there to be answers," he revealed.

If it doesn't get picked up again, he would resort to more desperate measures, Nowalk was upfront about his commitment to the hit show.

"I guess we'd have to make a movie or something. I'd do it on my iPhone if I had to," he said.

The finale, which aired on Thursday, managed to tie up a lot of the show's long-running plot points while also establishing several new mystery elements for fans to pore over. Likewise, a new character was introduced to shake up the current cast of characters.

On who the mysterious Gabriel Maddox is, Nowalk refused to give too much away just yet, suggesting someone might be lying to Bonnie, or she may even be lying to herself.

As it is, How To Get Away with Murder relies heavily on cliffhangers and it isn't going to change going forward.

"We obviously do a lot of cliffhangers on the show. There are cliffhangers: There's who is Gabriel? There's why does Laurel have scratches on her forearm? And there's what are in those files that Nate found?" he teased.

Nowalk has grown weary of some of the older mysteries plaguing the show and if it does get a fifth season, he intends to wipe the slate clean. A new flashback, a flash-forward structure will further rejigger things on the long-running show.

Sticking To The Format

There won't be too many changes, however, in the cast. Nowalk is happy with his high-caliber crew, including Oscar-winner Viola Davis as the lead character in the show.

The focus will remain on her Annalise and Nowalk has a lot of hope for Davis's character. There might even be a glimpse of her past life with her ex-husband that fans haven't seen much just yet. Likewise, the wedding of Connor and Oliver will likely happen next season, too.

Nowalk doesn't see himself as a writer who sticks to a prescribed plan, so he's unwilling to give too much away about his process but he feels there's more juice in the show yet. He admitted he might change his mind about where the series should head, but it will be heading somewhere.

Nowalk has an idea of what the last season could be as well but advised it's difficult to share what that is because he's not sure when it could be. It's good news for How To Get Away with Murder fans for sure.