Kathy Griffin Impersonates Kellyanne Conway For ‘A President Show’ Special

Kathy Griffin is bouncing back from a difficult time by unveiling her new character, Kellyanne Conway, on The President Show.

Scarily Accurate

Griffin impersonated Conway during the "Make America Great-a-Thon" special of the Comedy Central show Tuesday night.

Star Anthony Atamanuik, who plays Trump on the hit show, introduced Griffin's Conway as an act on the fundraising spoof telethon.

She was tasked with defending some of the worst people of all time.

"She's the cockroach of my administration, please welcome the lone survivor of the Bowling Green massacre," Atamanuik said while introducing the new character.

Griffin made her entrance wearing a costume closely modeled on Conway's garish inauguration coat, which boasted the colors of the American flag. She revealed she'd just come from drinking blood, which helps keep her young.

Other acts on the spoof telethon included a Christian evangelical contortionist, an establishment Republican congresswoman whose talent was swallowing everything, and a steelworker paid by Trump to do whatever he wished.

The Best Of The Worst

Griffin's Conway started off by defending Bernie Madoff, claiming the use of the phrase "pyramid scheme" in many news reports was anti-Semitic.

"Frankly, that's anti-Semitic, when you consider the terrible suffering of the Jewish people in Egypt at the time of the pharaoh. So this so-called 'bankruptcy' is also a moral one on your part, Wolf," Griffin argued, apparently speaking to Wolf Blitzer, who often argues with Madoff on CNN.

Next up was serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, whom Griffin joked was just a foodie looking for sustenance in strange places. Charles Manson, meanwhile, was a family man, while O.J. Simpson was a lady-killer.

As for Trump's arch nemesis Hillary Clinton, Griffin's Conway refused to comment, as her morals were offended by Clinton's inclusion.

Just Like Real Life

Later in the show, Griffin feuded with Peter Grosz's Mike Pence, asking him if she made him uncomfortable, as a woman who is not his wife.

She also exercised her considerable power in the White House by telling President Trump to blame victims and also by trying to stop him from speaking to Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

The spoof telethon aimed to raise funds for Trump's passion projects, such as building the border wall with Mexico, that Congress won't fund.

Rebuilding Her Public Image

Griffin's unveiling of this new character comes as she attempts to stage a U.S. comeback. The comedian came under fierce criticism for posing with a decapitated Trump head towards the end of last year.

It led to an FBI investigation and her ousting from her position as co-host of CNN's New Year's Eve broadcast with Anderson Cooper. Trump condemned the photo at the time, saying Griffin should be ashamed.

Griffin is going back out on the road later this year, for her first show since the incident.

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