Kathy Griffin Attacks Writers’ Guild Of America Members For Not Supporting Her

Over the years, several celebrities face the fires of controversy with some support but for Kathy Griffin, she gets little support.

Kathy Griffin Lashes Out

On Sunday, Feb. 11, Griffin made her first appearance at an award show since her controversial photo of her holding a fake head of U.S. President Donald Trump tore her world apart.

The Writer's Guild of America member presented an award and she decided to voice her outrage that no one defended her as she faced the most challenging time in her career.

"I just want to thank all of the powerful writers and showrunners in this room for f---ing no support, where the f--- have you been?...I was supposed to thank everyone for their support, and no one [lifted] their finger," said Griffin to the Writers' Guild Awards audience.

Griffin revealed to the audience the pain that she felt and described the living nightmare that she had to endure. This includes being under federal investigation for two months and on both the No-Fly List and the Interpol List.

"I've been writing for shitty, low-budget cable my whole career, because as you know when you try to get on a union show, the network says no. And when you're a woman, and you're 57-years-old, they say no and then they call the White House, and then they call the Department of Justice, it's a whole thing," said Griffin.

After Griffin finished her rant, the My Life on the D-List star stated that she was honored to attend the event. She admitted her love for excellent writing in this generation that she blissfully described as The Kardashian Age.

The Interview

Griffin's appearance and icy statements toward the Writers' Guild of America members followed an extensive interview with The Hollywood Reporter. The comedian talked to the entertainment news magazine regarding her almost a year in exile.

She explained to the media outlet that she did not commit a crime but she was blacklisted by a significant amount of the show business industry. She also refused to talk to several media powerhouses, ranging from Megyn Kelly to Howard Stern.

Kathy Griffin Versus Andy Cohen

The interview with THR happened months after Griffin took to social media to blast former boss and Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen. Griffin aired numerous claims like he sabotaged her career and tried to make her take cocaine before a taping of the show. Cohen denied these allegations.

Griffin faced an enormous amount of backlash after a photo of her holding a replica of President Trump's head was released on Tuesday, May 30, 2017.

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