Stephen Colbert has a change of heart after agreeing with President Donald Trump on something: CNN delivers "fake news."

This is arguably historic, as any avid fan of the late show host would know how he has always been a staunch critic of the Chief Executive of the United States. Apparently, Colbert is one with Trump in saying that CNN, a reputable news outlet, lies.

Erroneous CNN Headline

The satire drew laughter from his audience. This stems from a CNN news article that was mistakenly titled "Look Who's Playing Bolton on SNL," and to make matters worse, the article attached a photo of Colbert and Dana Carvey.

However, CNN had already made the changes and apologized for the blunder, but not fast enough for people to take screenshots of the amusing mishap. "Iconic SNL star spoofs Trump staffing pick," read the new headline.

The photo came from the Wednesday skit of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, where Carvey played John Bolton, the newly minted national security adviser. The host further said he "takes everything back" and praised Trump, a scene that could never enter one's wildest imagination. Colbert explained to CNN that his show might probably stand for SNL, as "Stephen's Nightly Laughs."

Tips And Antics

Furthermore, Colbert gave some helpful tips on CNN and laid out the factors why it should not have missed the error. He pointed out that the act was done on a Wednesday, so clearly it wasn't Saturday Night Live, they shoot daytime, and that the show doesn't go live.

"You got three things wrong in three letters," Colbert quipped.

To end things on a lighter note, the 53-year-old chose to look at the brighter side by saying it was still nice to get some attention and recognition. However, knowing the host who is full of antics, Colbert thanked MSNBC and not CNN, queueing laughter from the crowd.

The show went on the same route, as Colbert went back to hitting Trump. The host took a jab at the president for referring to David Schulkin, who recently got sacked by the mogul himself, as "Jim." So CNN shouldn't feel bad for the boo-boo, as the 71-year-old kept calling his former official the wrong name and it seemed he was unaware of his miss.

Shulkin was the former veterans affairs secretary, who, after being fired, gave interview left and right. At one point, he revealed that he actually had a conversation with Trump on the day he was fired, though the president made no mention of his decision to him. He would later be informed of his firing via a phone call from John Kelly, chief of staff.