'Scandal' Finale Cast: Kerry Washington Gracefully Bows Out As Olivia Pope

Kerry Washington has officially said goodbye to her infamous Oliva Pope character. ABC’s Scandal aired its final episode Thursday.

Kerry's Final Oval Office Moment

Washington, who starred in the political drama, took to social media to thank fans for their support throughout the seven seasons of the hit series. She shared a picture of herself lying on what many fans grew to know and love as the Oval Office on set.

She revealed in the caption that she took the picture just before they taped their last scene of the iconic show. She pointed out that many of the show’s most infamous scenes took place in the fictional office. Washington said she wanted to make sure she commemorated the famous spot before it met its inevitable fate.

“Other sets were already being dismantled and we knew this one would be next,” wrote Washington. “So, before saying good-bye, I stretched out on that gorgeous rug and tried to just take it all in.”

She went on to say that many of her crew members took their places next to her on the rug. She said Friday, when all was said and done, she would only begin to reflect on the last seven seasons of the show.

Kerry On The End Of The Show

“I imagine it will take some time to really understand what just transpired in my life,” said Washington of the series. “But, this much, I know … I am filled with endless gratitude for our #Scandal Family. Our glorious cast & crew and our community of #Gladiators.”

She commended her fellow cast and crew members for making history together and changing millions of lives. She went on to thank fans and supporters of the series for backing the show on social media and tuning in every week.

What's Next For Kerry?

As for the million-dollar question of what’s next for Washington, she said she is taking time to mourn the ending of the Scandal era. She confessed that she still can’t believe the show has come to a close, and while she has to come to terms of the reality, she added that she will be “processing” it all for quite some time.

Interestingly enough, she revealed she was hiking on the day of the interview and happened to bump into Katie Lowes, who portrayed Quinn Perkins, and they embraced one another for five minutes.

Washington, who is one of Neutrogena’s latest brand ambassadors and creative consultants, has also signed on to a production agreement with ABC that has already secured two projects. She's also slated to be featured in a new Hulu series with Reese Witherspoon. In the meantime, she'll also keep her good friend Eva Longoria busy during her first pregnancy.

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