Boy band NSYNC has long been gone from the limelight, but the rest from the scene had become vital for a member Lance Bass to come out as gay.

During the heyday of NSYNC, the boy band, which consisted of Bass, Justin Timberlake, Joey Fatone, JC Chasez, and Chris Kirkpatrick, had become one of the most influential groups in the music scene. From singing to dancing, people swoon over the talented faces that can be seen almost anywhere. They easily became one of the most iconic bands, with their songs even casually popping out every now and then.

Their tracks "Bye Bye Bye," "It's Gonne Be Me," "Pop," and "This I Promise You" are still listened to by some even now, and one had made rounds as a meme, saying "It's Gonna Be May." NSYNC had also a lot of awards, including an MTV Video Music Award, American Music Award, and Billboard Music Award. They were popular, to cut it short, which is both a boon and a bane, at least for Bass.

Rest From Popularity

Why? During the immense popularity of NSYNC, all eyes were on the successful five-member group, which was why it became hard for Bass to come out as gay. He revealed he was gay in 2006, years since the band had performed together.

The rest from the limelight had become instrumental for Bass, who referred to the other members as family during NSYNC's reception of their Hollywood Walk of Fame recently, but it was exactly that bond he created with his bandmates that made it hard for him to come out as gay because doing so was a sacrifice that could ruin the popularity of the group.

"I thought if I had come out, NSYNC would be over. So I kept my secret. Our wildest dreams were coming true and we were so incredibly thankful — and I still am," Bass admitted.

He further went on to narrate how he felt when he saw gay supporters singing along to their songs during performances, saying he wanted to admit he was one of them. Though Bass had NSYNC's popularity back then, what he didn't have was strength during the time to truly reveal who he was.

"But I do today and so let me say loud and proud to all my LGBT brothers and sisters, who embrace me and show me the way to be who I am, thank you so much," Bass said.