Reese Witherspoon Cleaning Her Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star Is So Her

Reese Witherspoon dropped by the Hollywood Walk of Fame to say hello to her own star, and even gave it a bit of a cleaning!

The A Wrinkle in Time star gives a peek at just how much Hollywood's most-celebrated names love their Hall of Fame stars even years after being given the honor.

A Visit To The Star's Star

"I'm running a little bit late for work today, but I heard my friend is really close by, so I wanna go meet her really quick," the actress says in her first Instagram story. "And I want you guys to meet her, too."

It turns out the friend Witherspoon was so excited to meet is her Walk of Fame star, which she promptly began to wipe with a tissue to give it a little more of a shine. The funny series of short clips on her Instagram stories show the Oscar winner on her knees as she buffs and speaks to her star.

"Now you're looking good, girl," she says as if it really is a long-lost pal. "Don't you let people walk over you. I know you're on the street, but don't you do that, you're a queen."

The Big Little Lies star also posts a photo of the visit on Instagram.

 Witherspoon, 41, received the star back in 2010.

With her hilarious Hall of Fame visit, Witherspoon shows just how much of an expert she is online.

The mother of three is always on point with her social media game, from recommending her favorite books to her followers to teaching fellow Oscar winner and Instagram newbie Natalie Portman all about the popular app.

A Wrinkle In Time

Witherspoon has been making her rounds ahead of the release of A Wrinkle in Time.

A long-time fan of the novel, the actress revealed in an interview in Marie Claire that she empathized with protagonist Meg Murry completely as a child. At a young age, Witherspoon was still unaware of her place in the world and she explains that children who feel the same can find refuge in the book.

"I knew there were bigger ideas than the place I lived, and it gave me this idea that I could accomplish things or that I could be part of a bigger story," she says. "The book is very empowering for young children—they have the opportunity to change their world by changing their own minds and knowing that even if you are surrounded by darkness, you are able to summon the light."

A Wrinkle in Time will be released on Friday, March 9.

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