Kristen Stewart Still Thinks Of Ex Robert Pattinson’s Deep Voice

Kristen Stewart will always-- and remain-- Robert Pattinson's biggest fan. Here's why!

In a recent interview with "Fandango", Kristen Stewart sat with her co-stars Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska  in their upcoming movie  "Charlie's Angels." During the interview, the three angels took turns in asking each other questions that were provided to them in notecards.

In one of the questions for Kristen, it was about a caped superhero, that will play in the upcoming movie "The Batman", which will by her ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson.

Kristen's notecard asks about a scene in "Charlie's Angels", where the three angel agents were debating about Batman. The card asked if Kristen was on the spot, who does she think is the best actor that will suit for the Batman role.

Without hesitation, Kristen answered her ex-boyfriend, Robert Pattinson's name. Kristen further explained how much faith she has in her ex-boyfriend that he is perfect for the Batman role.

Her co-stars Naomi and Ella agreed with her, and even mentioned how Robert and Zoe Kravitz, who will be playing the role of Catwoman for the movie, is perfect for the Batman and Catwoman role, and that they were "born" for it.

Kristen is most excited about hearing Robert do Batman's lines for the film, especially Batman's famous line "I'm Batman." She also thinks he is the best man for the role because of his deep voice. The actress is looking forward to seeing Robert take the superhero role, and is very much supportive to her ex-boyfriend.

Kristen and Robert dated wat back in 2009 after their movie "Twilight" became a hit. The two were on a four-year relationship before they called it off. However, the two remained good friends and still has each others' back.

Robert Pattinson in the Role "Batman"

Recently, Robert has been hands on in practicing Batman's voice for the movie. In fact, the actor admitted that he has been thinking of a unique Batman voice that he could master and use once the film will start shooting. He also mentioned how his co-star in the movie "The Lighthouse" Willem Dafoe has been helpful to him.

According to Rober, Willem's voice is his inspiration when practicing for Batman's voice. In an interview for "Access Hollywood," he revealed that he will most probably use a voice similar to his friend Willem since Batman's voice is hoarse and deep that sounds more like a pirate's voice. 

Robert has been preparing for his role for weeks now and has been practicing for Batman's voice. The actor was also asked if he can start working out and bulk up for the upcoming movie.

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