Royal Warning: Queen Elizabeth II Could Ruin Self For Prince Andrew

Queen Elizabeth II dedicated her life protecting the monarchy. However, if she continues to support Prince Andrew, she might also be the one to cause the palace to crumble.

A few months before the annual Trooping the Colour, senior military figures warned Queen Elizabeth II to oust her favorite son, Prince Andrew, from the event.

According to the report published by The Times, the senior military figures said that the Duke of York should not make an appearance on June 13. The only thing that could prevent him from attending the Trooping the Colour will be an order from the Queen.

However, if Her Royal Highness refuses to heed the warning and still invites Prince Andrew, they believe that she would "damage the reputation" of the monarchy in the end.

"Prince Andrew's participation in the event would very likely and unfairly damage the reputation of the Queen and the monarchy, and he's already stirred up enough problems for them," senior military figures told the publication.

However, despite the ongoing appeal, the royal palace still has not decided on whether they will let Prince Andrew attend the military event or not.

The 17th-century-old Trooping the Colour this year will be attended by the units of British and Commonwealth armies who will perform the whole ceremony. 

Once the parade is over, the royal family -- spearheaded by Queen Elizabeth ii -- shall return to the Buckingham Palace and stand out of its balcony.

Since the Duke of York is still reportedly not cooperating with the FBI's investigation over his ties with the late sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, seeing him on the palace balcony would be a whole lot of mess not only for Queen Elizabeth II but also for the monarchy.

Prince Andrew Protecting Queen Elizabeth II?

After his ill-advised BBC interview where he talked about his friendship and ties with the convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and his eventual decision to withdraw from his royal duties, the Duke of York seemed to be doing his best not to cause any more troubles to the Queen.

Earlier this month, Queen Elizabeth II reportedly wanted to present Prince Andrew a Senior Navy role as promotion before his 60th birthday on Feb. 19. It would have come after his previous promotions, having become a Rear Admiral when he turned 50 and Vice Admiral when he turned 55.

However, Prince Andrew refused the new position, with a spokesperson from the Buckingham Palace confirming his decision.

"Following the decision by His Royal Highness to step back from public duties for the foreseeable future, the Duke of York has asked the Ministry of Defence if this promotion might be deferred until such time that His Royal Highness returns to public duty," the statement said, affirming that Prince Andrew has denied the offer.

If Prince Andrew aims to protect Queen Elizabeth II and the monarchy from further damage and humiliation, royal watchers expect him also to turn down the invitation to attend Trooping of Colour -- if there is.

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