As the saga for Meghan and Harry's whirlwind life with the British monarchy is about to officially end, it drew mixed feelings from fellow royal members, their loyal staff and the public. 

Now that Meghan is in North America to spend her time with 10-month-old son, Archie Harrison and Prince Harry rounding up his final meetings in the UK, there is one person that the Sussexes failed to meet- and that is the long-serving Duke of Edinburgh.

Did Prince Philip Really Snub the Sussexes? 

According to a royal commentator, Prince Philip chose to remain silent and step away from the tension caused by the couple. 

Perhaps the Duke of Edinburgh has taken "a dim view" on how the Sussexes have announced that they are exiting the royal family. 

"We don't know if Prince Philip saw Harry and Meghan during their recent visit when they undertook their last official royal duties as senior royals," royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams told

On Removing Meghan and Harry's HRH Titles

Fitzwilliams also added: "I strongly doubt that he would have made a special appearance as he has a strong sense of duty and he would not have endorsed their wish for independence and certainly not the way they handled it."

The royal expert also pointed out that Prince Philip will have fully approved the Queen's decision to strip Harry's honorary military titles and to forbid the Sussexes to use their HRH titles

"He may well have played a part in her decision not to allow them to use their royal titles or to perform royal duties part-time," he added. 

It's Not a Walk in the Park for Prince Philip

To recall, before he retired from his royal title in 2017, the 98-year-old duke sacrificed a lot when he married Queen Elizabeth II. 

Although he is a part of the British royal family, he had to renounce his claim for two thrones- his position as a prince in both Denmark and Greece. 

After his marriage, Philip took his mother's maiden name - Mountbatten. To acknowledge his sacrifices, the head of the monarch gave him two titles-as Baron Greenwich and Duke of Edinburgh.

The Duke of Edinburgh as Queen's Trusted Advisor

Given that Prince Philip already withdrew his position due to age and health conditions, the Duke of Edinburgh spends most of his time in Norfolk at Wood Farm on the Queen's Sandringham Estate

Moreover, the royal commentator claims that the Queen "missed the presence of Prince Philip," most especially his strength in facing a royal crisis. 

Although the 98-year-old duke is not visible during royal engagements, Fitzgerald stated that Prince Philip still plays a vital role in the royal family.

"Though he has reportedly had recent bouts of ill health the Duke is likely to have been, as he has always been, a loyal, trusted and perspicacious adviser to the Queen and, in the present troubled times for the monarchy, that is especially valuable."

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