Lori Loughlin is determined to escape the college admissions scandal that she's in. This time, she and the other defendants reportedly found grounds for the case to be dismissed.

According to TMZ, Loughlin and the other defendants awaiting their trial over the college admissions cheating case want the judge to throw the cases out. They deemed the prosecutors unfit and should be sent home packing. 

Why? Because they believe that the US Attorney's office is guilty of gross and shocking misconduct. They think that Rick Singer, the alleged ringleader of the whole fiasco was just browbeaten to claim he was bribed. It can be remembered that Singer did once tell prosecutors that the money he got from Loughlin and the many more other defendants were merely donations.

However, he changed his tunes soon enough. Defense lawyers thought he must be coerced by FBI agents. Singer reportedly also said that the agents started to scream at him to call the "donations" bribes. Singer also alleged that the FBI agents instructed him to lie on the recorded calls so that incriminating evidence against all the involved parents can be gathered. 

Defense lawyers also found that prosecutors have withheld this incriminating evidence beyond a year. This, despite the fact that there were order to produce the evidence. 

Singer also said that his clients or the parents "typically do not know that [former USC official Donna] Heinel is involved until the time of their first payment," which meant they were not unaware of the crimes they were entering into. 

Defense lawyers also deemed all the recorded conversations between Singer and the different parents are sham. The government agents are reportedly behind these "entrapment" records, carefully engineered to show one side of the scandal.

On Loughlin's part, her recorded conversation went like this: "Yeah, no, no I -- I had questions about USC. I was like, 'Well, maybe the way they got in you're not supposed to get in like that. I don't know, like can you,' but Moss [her husband] was like, 'No you can make a donation. It's ok,' like I don't know. Uh, yeah, I don't know. But it's all on the up-and-up."

It remains to be seen if the defense lawyers' strategy can successfully have the case dismissed. If it does, imagine how the other parents who entered their plea deals and served their sentences would feel. 

One of them is Felicity Huffman. She was sentenced to two weeks of jail after claiming she was guilty. She was also asked to pay a fine of $30,000. Huffman was also called to render 250 hours of community service and live a year in a supervised release. She already served these and paid up. She's now moving on from the whole thing, as reported by E!.

An insider also claimed that the actress is living it up now, relishing her freedom, having it curtailed for a while. Even if not jailed yet, she could not move around given the case. But having served her sentenced changed the circumstances a bit and now she can concentrate on rebuilding her family. The insider however added that she still struggles about hearing the case, which continues to make headines give other parents have not plead guilty.

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