Coronavirus: 5 Lessons Celebrities Can Learn From The COVID-19 Crisis

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While celebrities are expected to act as role models during the coronavirus pandemic, some of them failed to take it seriously. In the end, they learned the hard way how ignorance could affect not only their own lives but other people's lives, too.

It is surprising how the number of coronavirus cases skyrocketed from less than a hundred thousand cases to nearly a million -- over 936,000 cases as of this writing, to be exact -- in just one month.

People have seen medical organizations all over the globe do their part with the help of their respective governments. They make sure to send warnings and remind people what they should do and what they should avoid.

However, it is alarming to see how most of the coronavirus headlines are about celebrities who are being "covidiots" while being rebels amid this worrisome crisis.

Some of them continue to shrug off the disease like it is not disturbing enough to be taken seriously, while others finally learned the lesson the hard way.

This kind of people, whose foolishness and recklessness got activated during the most crucial time, should learn from this crisis as effective as possible in order for everyone to flatten the line soon.

Don't Be Self-Centered

Most celebrities can definitely survive this catastrophe with all the riches they have. Be it in terms of food supplies or immediate hospital treatments. But this is not the time to be self-regarding while disregarding those people in need.

Stars should avoid -- at least -- promoting their brands and businesses and should focus on extending their arms to send aids instead. Kim kardashian learned this the hard way when she was slammed even after donating $1 million, all because she promoted her own SKIMS products and turned the attention to herself.

The world is in crisis, and no one can surely avail what those businessmen have since the people are too busy attending on their basic needs.

Be Sensitive

The world is already suffering, and seeing how someone can still pull off a party or show off what they have is truly not helping anyone at all.

These people, whose lives now revolve around their goal to gain more publicity, need to be educated until they realize that the world already had enough of foolish and reckless individuals. Learn from Kylie Jenner, who boasted an insansely expensive chopsticks instead of helping those in need (she did, but after receiving heavy criticisms).

Adding more to the list is already too much.

Take Everything SERIOUSLY

Unfortunately, coronavirus is not like the seasonal virus that is causing only flu-like but treatable symptoms.

It is saddening to see how this global emergency is becoming like a heartbreaking race wherein the countries around the globe are contending for the "highest number of patients" title. Who should they hold responsible for all these?

Those people who are licking toilet bowls?

Those people who are intentionally spreading the virus?

Definitely, the accountability lies in the hands of everyone who are still joking around amid this pandemic.

Stay At Home

If there is one rule the government and medical groups have in common, it is their repeated reminder for everyone to stay at home.

The leaders never fail to encourage people to stay at home to protect not only themselves but also those around them. Besides, people are still allowed to leave their homes to buy food and medicine. However, celebrities like Evangeline Lilly cared more about their so-called "freedom" instead the safety of their family and others.

Staying at home is a difficult situation to grasp, but it is one effective way to safeguard everyone, most especially the children, elderlies, and immunocompromised individuals. Moreover, even celebrities are not exempted from the coronavirus.

Strictly Practice Social Distancing

It is a given that some establishments need to remain open amid this pandemic, including hospitals and supermarkets, to attend to people's needs. The entertainment industry has also participated by canceling its events and movie viewings to minimize the possibility for each person to contract the disease.

Practicing to keep a distance from a person in public can still be another way to help the world to decrease the number of its cases. If only everyone else takes note of this regulation, then the coronavirus and the spread will definitely be put to an end soon.

However, it does not help to see celebrities going out, kissing each other like they are the only people in the world. if people see these celebrities doing whatever they want, then it is no use for governments and health officials to remind the general population what to do.

Celebrities are role models, admit it or not, and people follow them most of the time.

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