Meghan Markle Coming Back? 3 Likely Reasons Why The Sussex Royal's Website Is Still Up

The Sussex Royal's website is still up until now, and many are asking: is it a sign that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry still plan to go back to the royal family soon?

Many royal watchers are calling out Meghan and Prince Harry for keeping the website of their former brand, Sussex Royal, active one month after they officially left the monarchy. Some say that this is a direct blow to Queen Elizabeth II, who banned them from further using the word royal in their new engagements.

In addition, they ultimately agreed not to include their former royal title in any of their future endeavors. However, they still mentioned Sussex Royal when they unrolled their plans for their new non-profit organization, Archewell.

While both the Duke and Duchess of Sussex remain silent about the issue, their actions suggest that theyhave a reason for keeping the website.

In line with this, we came up with possible theories and reasons why Sussex Royal is still up.

Meghan Planning To Go Back?

The Duchess of Sussex has been wanting to be "Princess Diana 2.0" since she was still a child, so much so that she allegedly came up with a devious plan to win Prince Harry's heart in order to get her fairytale dream.

Although they are already in L.A. to live their Hollywood dreams, many royal watchers are claiming that this is just another tricky plan for the duchess to gain more attention so they can be THE "power couple" once they decide to go back.

This is something possible, especially if they use the LA media as another scapegoat to go back to U.K.

Moreover, returning will not be a problem at all since Queen Elizabeth II expressed that she will still welcome the two with open arms even after she supported their exit.

Sussex Royal Beneficial To Archewell

When people search for "Meghan and Prince Harry's organization" or something like that on the web, Sussex Royal will always be the first one to appear. Since their previous organization is well-known and established, they could still use it to promote Archewell.

Moreover, they included in their last post on their official Instagram account that they still want to reconnect with their supporters soon. In reality, there are only two things that can easily bridge them to their fans: the royal family or their official website where people can get all the information about them as former serving royals.

Meghan Only Wants 'Attention'

Meghan's toxic trait of being an attention-seeker has been an issue ever since she became part of the royal family, and keeping the website is probably her only way to keep the people's curiosity flowing about their plans.

She was previously being referred to as "Duchess Difficult" since she was allegedly trying so hard to live like Princess Diana. Prince Harry, on the other hand, let her do whatever she wanted to do because "whatever Meghan wants, Meghan gets."

Moreover, royal experts believe that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's decision not to engage themselves with the British tabloid media is their strategy to fish more attention.

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