Queen Abdication: Prince Charles Facing IMPOSSIBLE Task As King?

Already known as the longest-serving heir apparent in British history, Prince Charles is also set to be the oldest king to assume the throne from his mother Queen Elizabeth II.

Moreover, as "king in waiting" for several years now, the Prince of Wales is expected to be fully prepared to become the head of the royal family and take over the monarchy. However, royal experts believe that things would not be easy for the 71-year-old royal.

In fact, experts even warned him about the difficult responsibilities he has to endure, including living up to Queen Elizabeth II's immense influence as the sovereign. 

Is Prince Charles Ready To Be King? 

Considering the difficulties the heir to the throne is about to face, Princess Diana's former private secretary Patrick Jephson expressed his belief that Prince Charles is not ready for his future role in the royal family. Besides, he has big shoes to fill from Queen Elizabeth II.

"We are not prepared, it is an impossible act to follow," Jephson said, per Express

Other royal commentators acknowledged that he might struggle to replace the Queen. Nonetheless, most of them are certain that the Prince of Wales is capable of taking the lead.

Prince Charles In A "Really Good Place"

In the ITV documentary "Inside the Crown: Secrets of the Royals," royal biographer Penny Junor claimed that the heir to the throne has proven that he is qualified for the highly coveted title. 

"Prince Charles will be king and he will be the best-prepared monarch that this country has ever had," Junor shared.

He also pointed out that the royal is "in a really good place" and has shown the public what he is capable of. Junior added that he appears more confident and relaxed in his role in the monarchy, and that makes "him a much better prince."

Given that the Queen's eldest son has been preparing for his future role as king of the U.K. for over 65 years now, Prince Charles' goddaughter India Hicks affirmed that he has the experience and capabilities to lead the monarchy.

Hicks mentioned that the royal is "utterly dedicated to hard work" and had been "brilliant in waiting."

"Because, my God, it has been a long time in waiting," she quipped. 

Amid the health crisis not only in the U.K. but across the world, Prince Charles has shown his dedication to his role by actively participating with virtual royal engagement such as remotely opening the first NHS Nightingale Hospital for coronavirus patients. 

The Shadow King

Last year, multiple reports suggested that the longest-reigning monarch will retire at 95, making the Prince of Wales as the head of the British monarchy. 

As cited by Vanity Fair, Prince Charles' biographer claims that instead of abdication, the Queen would surrender her power to her eldest son in the form of a regency.

This means that he will soon be the Prince Regent and will be in charge of royal duties but Queen Elizabeth II will still retain her title. 

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