Royal Failure: Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Labeled As 'Big Losers'

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle left the monarchy in pursuit of establishing themselves on their own and becoming independent from the monarchy. However, a royal expert claimed that Megxit only made everything worse, so much so that royal watchers are now seeing them as "big losers."

According to royal author Phil Dampier, the choice of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to depart from the royal family only prevented them from getting the opportunity to boost their public image, especially during these trying times.

"I think the lockdown has been good image-wise for all of the royals except for Harry and Meghan," Dampier told The Express. "They are the big losers in this because they now look somewhat isolated and somewhat irrelevant in this country."

The expert further explained that since they relocated to Los Angeles, they did not gain the same amount of popularity as the other royals amid the coronavirus lockdown.

This move also reportedly negatively affected the Sussexes, as they have remained irrelevant in the eyes of U.K. citizens.

Dampier went on to say that since Prince Harry and Meghan did not do so much during the coronavirus crisis, it resulted to royal fans losing interest in them.

"They still might have a massive role to play internationally or in America but I think people just shrug their shoulders in the UK," the royal expert explained.

He then compared them to other royals who received more approval after playing their roles despite not having Queen Elizabeth II around. Dampier claimed that though their exit became too controversial, it did not make them interesting enough compared to when they were working as senior royals.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex did little and remained mostly quiet during the lockdown. In April 2020, as soon as the royal couple and their son Archie relocated to Los Angeles, Prince Harry and Meghan were seen delivering meals through the non-profit organization "Project Angel Food."

They also donated their $112,000 profit from the BBC broadcast of their wedding to Feeding Britain, a charity that aims to eliminate or lessen the hunger of people living in the United Kingdom.

Aside from those things, they tried to communicate virtually, which did not impress most of the royal fans.

Harry, Meghan NOT Losers?

Despite the new nickname they received, some royal experts still defended the royal couple and claimed that the royal family was the one who "lost the game."

Irish Times columnist Anne Harris wrote an article -- titled "Meghan Markle's exile stands as a permanent rebuke to royal family" -- that pointed out how the Duchess of Sussex could have provided the royal family some sort of saving grace amid all the controversies.

"Her words offer a means through the guilt: the imperative that racism be confronted. Everywhere. At all times. In all ages," Harris wrote, referring to what Meghan said in her speech about George Floyd's death.

Even royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams suggested that the departure of the couple is a big loss to Queen Elizabeth II and the royal family since Meghan's strengths and her work in activism made her the perfect royal who could follow Princess Diana's footsteps.

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