Royal Failure: Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Receive PITIFUL News Amid Crisis

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Hollywood dreams continue to shatter after they received a pitiful news about their upcoming non-profit organization, Archewell.

As part of their decision to leave The Firm and become independent from the royal family, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle gave up their Sussex Royal brand upon their departure.

As a result, they planned to start anew by launching "Archewell" now that they are settled down in America.

However, The Sun reported that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex failed on their first major project after their trademark application has been rejected.

Per the news outlet, the royal couple did not sign the paperwork and failed to pay the fee, pushing the United States Patent and Trademark Office to block their application.

Initially, the Sussexes submitted the documents stating that they plan Archewell to be an organization that offers emotional support groups and multimedia education through a website dedicated to the aforementioned missions.

But the patent examiner reportedly sent an "Irregularity Notice" due to Archewell's "too vague" description.

"The wording 'providing a website featuring content relating to philanthropy, monetary giving, volunteer and career opportunities' in International Class 35 is also indefinite and over-broad, and must be clarified to specify the nature of the content provided," the notice read.

Since they also did not pay the full fee, neither did they sign the form, the application ended up not being properly verified.

Patent applications, like the one the Sussexes submitted, are usually rejected by the Office regardless of who is applying for it.

The patent examiner then advised Prince Harry and Meghan to make a number of changes, which their lawyer must resubmit by August 22. If they fail to accomplish the requirements, their trademark application for their new charity would be abandoned.

The royal couple has not released a comment on the issue yet, but a source revealed to The Sun that the said paperwork is part of the "normal back-and-forth of the trademarking process" and that it is still ongoing.

Archewell's Launch Rescheduled

Per The Telegraph last week, sources claimed that the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the widespread Black Lives Matter movement caused Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to postpone the public launch of their charitable foundation.

The insider added that since Prince Harry and Meghan plan to redirect their attention towards the BLM movement and the pandemic, Archwell's launch is not "on the cards" until 2021. 

The postponement will also give the Sussexes more time to prepare to get the paperworks right this time. That way, they will finally be able to make the difference that they always want.

"What's absolutely clear is that they want to get it right, and there's no point in rushing," the source explained. "They are settling into a new life, a new era. This is about getting it right and making sure they are able to make the difference they want to make."

When their Archewell foundation was leaked to the public, the Sussexes also clarified that though they already have plans, their focus is still on supporting efforts against the global COVID-19 pandemic.

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