Royal Danger: Man THREATENS To Stab Queen Elizabeth II's Daughter [REPORT]

A royal princess of the British royal family was put in great danger after receiving multiple death threats from a man who illegally entered her residence.

Amid all the current struggles the royal family is facing, another major problem occured after Princess Anne received death threats from a man named James Ballinger.

According to The Telegraph, Cheltenham magistrates found out that Ballinger made a series of 999 calls to police on February 27. He warned everyone that time that he was going to Princess Anne's home at Gatcombe Park in the Cotswolds to stab the Princess Royal and "anybody else who was there."

Cathy Thornton, the prosecutor assigned on the case, said that the man told the call handler that Princess Anne was "controlling his mind by moving his satellites."

It was only earlier this week when the court revealed that later that day, at 3:15 pm, Ballinger was found by royal protection officers entering the grounds of the royal princess' homes. He was reportedly unarmed.

As soon as he got arrested, he admitted to the officers that he has mental health issues. He also expressed his hope that his time behind bars would provide him the help that he needs.

However, while he was still on bail and waiting for the court appearance, Thornton said that he called 999 and said that he was having thoughts of stabbing Princess Anne again.

He stated to the handler once more that the Princess Royal was "moving his satellites, which was affecting his well-being" -- the same statement he made in February.

After half an hour, he was arrested at his home. He appeared before the court the following day through a video link from the Gloucestershire Police custody unit.

"He does not remember making the original call to the police in February," Lee Mott, the defending lawyer, said. "When the 999 call was played back to him he agreed that the voice was his and that he had said some horrible things. He said he was sorry he had threatened Princess Anne."

Meanwhile, Ballinger admitted that he made a malicious communication on Feb. 27 and created numerous phone calls to the police control room which "conveyed a threat and caused distress to the call handler."

He also received a similar charge of making a "grossly offensive, menacing, and malicious" call on June 17.

Because of those incidents, Andrew Hill, chairman of the magistrates, sentenced Ballinger to a 12-month community order. This includes attending a program to help him with his alcohol and mental health problems, as well as a six-day rehabilitation activity.

Hill also imposed a six-month exclusion order banning Ballinger from entering Gatcombe Park.

Though such royal family news is something that the monarchy should be alarmed about, the spokesman for Buckingham Palace declined to comment on the issue.

It was not the first time Princess Anne experienced a life-threatening situation. In 1974, the then 23-year-old royal was the target of a kidnap attempt after she attended a charity event on Pall Mall with her first husband, Captain Mark Phillips.

A man named Ian Ball forced the couple's car to stop by blocking their way before he pulled a handgun and attempted to attack Princess Anne. He shot the royal's chauffeur, security officer, and a tabloid journalist who tried to help the Princess Royal. The attack only stopped when a passing boxer punched the suspect in the head.

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