KUWTK Canceled? Kourtney CONVINCING Kim Kardashian To Choose Kanye West Over Show

Kim Kardashian

If Kim Kardashian leaves the reality show that propelled her whole family to fame, will "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" be cancelled? After all, the ratings are no longer as they were in the past.

People think Kim Kardashian leaving the show where she is the most important 'character' is quite impossible. But is it? Her sister Kourtney Kardashian is striving to convince her to leave the show already. 

According to the June 29, 2020 issue of In Touch, Kourtney Kardashian, who quit the show back in November 2019, is now asking her sister to walk away too. Sources had it that Kourtney wants Kim to just leave after the Season 18 of KUWTK is over. She believes it's the only way Kim Kardashian can save her marriage with Kanye West.

According to a source, "Kourtney feels so much relief from stepping away from the show, and now that she sees that Kim and Kanye are struggling, she's urging Kim to do the same for her family." 

Kim could not though. The source claimed that the reality star cannot leave the show because it is tied to a huge sum of money. She also asserted that she can certainly do it all. Among all the siblings, Kim Kardashian is also the one who cannot do anything that would deliberately hurt her mom Kris Jenner. Kim and Kris have a stronger bond than anyone in the family. They are also the same in so many ways, including the knack for handling a thousand tasks all at once. 

Kris Jenner also reportedly does not want the show the be cancelled or her earnings to dwindle. Allegedly, the momager pockets 10% commission all her kids' earnings. Since Kourtney Kardashian already left the show, Jenner would even be pissed off if her commission from Kim Kardashian will also vanish.

But regardless, Kourtney is adamant in convincing her sister to just leave. The source claimed that Kourtney truly has Kim's best interests at heart and not just doing it because she already left the show. Instead, she is focused on encouraging Kim to take the time off and spend time with Kanye so that their relationship can be saved. 

Allegedly, Kourtney knows Kanye does not like the show, and never did. If Kim Kardashian cuts back on her workload and let this television show go, she and Kanye can focus on being happier. 

Whether this is true or not remains to be seen. Kim is bound to discuss this request on the show if there is semblance of truth it. It can be true though, because reports have been ripe about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West facing great marriage troubles. There are even reports claiming all sorts of reasons why the two cannot get along, including Kim Kardashian being disgusted by Kanye's weight. 

If Kim Kardashian is truly too busy for her husband, Kanye West, the onus is on her to change, even If it means ending "Keeping Up with the Kardashians." 

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