Did Meghan Markle Lie? Royal Fans Slam Duchess For Saying Monarchy Didn't Protect Her!

Meghan Markle involved the royal family in her legal battle, claiming that she felt unprotected by Queen Elizabeth II and the Firm. Unfortunately, instead of sympathizing with her, royal watchers did not buy her statement and slammed her in return.

During her latest court case against Associated Newspapers, Meghan's legal team said that the Palace did not defend her while she was being bombarded by stories that damaged her.

The court document also stated that Kensington Palace did not allow the Duchess of Sussex to set the record straight and speak out on false stories during her two-year stay as a senior royal member.

"The stance of 'no comment' was taken by the KP Communications Team without any discussion with or approval by the Claimant, as is standard practice for Royal communications," Meghan's legal spokesperson said.

However, a source revealed that the royal family's press team struggled to deny the stories when they were true. It has also been pointed out by fans that the Palace has defended Meghan on multiple occasions despite her recent accusations.

Meghan Markle Lied?

Express UK's royal correspondence Kate Nicholson enumerated in her article the times when the monarchy stood by Meghan's side and safeguarded her from the British tabloids.

In 2016, even before Prince Harry and Meghan got married, the Kensington Palace released a rare statement to defend Meghan and protect her from the "abuse and harassment" she experienced that year.

"It is not right that a few months into a relationship with him that Ms. Markle should be subjected to such a storm. He knows commentators will say this is 'the price she has to pay' and that 'this is all part of the game'. He strongly disagrees. This is not a game - it is her life and his," the communications secretary penned.

The Kensington Palace also dismissed the claims about the Duchess of Sussex pressuring Harry to ditch the royal family's traditional Boxing Day pheasant shoot in December 2018.

Even Buckingham Palace also came into action and spoke up when reports stated that there was a feud between Meghan and Kate in the same month.

Then, in March 2019, Kensington Palace told Hello! Magazine that the story the couple's parenting plans include raising their child with "a fluid approach to gender" was "totally false."

These are just a few of the countless times the royal family has defended and supported Meghan. In the end, her statement in the court claim was indeed a slapp to the monarchy -- especially Queen Elizabeth II.

Her Majesty Defended Meghan, Too

When Meghan felt like she had no one to lean on during her stay in the U.K., investigative journalists Dylan Howard and Andy Tillett proved otherwise.

In their new book "Royals at War," they revealed that Queen Elizabeth II took the Duchess of Sussex "under her wings" when she became part of the monarchy to keep her safe at all times.

"Her Majesty has seen it all and could offer the duchess (Meghan) some helpful advice. Meghan would do well to nurture that relationship and pop over for an occasional cup of tea with the Queen," one insider revealed to Howard and Tillette. "Meghan doesn't need an invitation."

Her Majesty even sent one of her own trusted aides to protect Meghan when she started undertaking royal duties.

Furthermore, another insider said in the book how the Queen had been supportive of her through ups and downs.

With these claims debunking Meghan's statement on how unprotected she felt, it is only natural for the royal family and royal watchers to feel that they are being lied to due to Meghan's recent statements.

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