Queen Elizabeth II trended online once again after it was rumored that she would do just about anything to protect her favorite son, Prince Andrew.

The Issue

In a report by Globe, they claimed that  Maxwell, the ex-girlfriend and madame of convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, has been "marked for death" by the British royal family. 

The outlet's sources alleged that while Maxwell awaits her trial, she reportedly "fear she's marked for death by powerful forces desperate to protect the British monarchy."

Sources furthered that there had been secret phone intercepts that point to Queen Elizabeth II, or someone close to the Queen, who reportedly "ordered a hit" on Maxwell so she won't have a chance to expose details of Prince Andrew and Epstein's relationship. 

The source said, "Make no mistake - Ghislaine is next! She knows too much! She's the keeper of Epstein's sick secrets involving a who's who of powerful men." 

Meanwhile, a friend close to Ghislaine Maxwell allegedly told Globe that the former madame is already afraid she'll end up the same way as Jeffrey Epstein. To recall, Epstein was found dead in his jail cell last year after an apparent suicide. 

A popular conspiracy theory claims that the disgraced financier was actually killed and the people involved just made it seem like a suicide.

Fact Check: Queen Elizabeth II Issue Not True

With the issue seemingly over the top, the report is nothing but a baseless rumor and should not be believed.

Gossip Cop looked into Globe's story and debunked the entire thing. The publication claim that the British monarchy doesn't rule over anything.

Moreover, it is also worth noting that Prince Andrew did a BBC Newnight interview that further explored his relationship with Epstein. With that said, if the royal family didn't want anything to do with the case, they would have stopped the Duke of York from making the said appearance.

The British institution is also known for not getting into political matters, and it is unlikely they will break the long-respected royal protocol just for Prince Andrew.

The Duke of York is also no longer a working royal after stepping down from his duties last year, so there's no reason to believe that Queen Elizabeth II will protect her from another country's investigation of a high-profile case.

While it is understandable that Prince Andrew could be in danger given the nature of the Epstein case, it is also the reason why Queen Elizabeth II refused to totally remove his son's security

Then again, with just statements from unnamed sources, the controversial plot about Ghislaine Maxwell and Prince Andrew shouldn't be taken seriously. Put simply, it is just another tabloid issue with no real basis.

Ghislaine Maxwell Trial

As mentioned, Ghislaine Maxwell was recently arrested and is now awaiting trial. She could face up to 35 years in prison if proven guilty of her crimes in association with Epstein.

Her court documents from a previous trial relating to Epstein has also been unsealed last week. However, the contents and findings has yet to be revealed to the public.

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