Jordyn Woods Instagram: 3 Most Head-Turning IG Post of Kylie Jenner's Ex-BFF in the Middle of Pandemic

Jordyn Woods' Instagram is undoubtedly a big minefield of beautiful and sexy pictures.

If her ex-BFF Kylie Jenner unfollowed her, then it is her loss. She is losing the chance to be updated on what great things Woods is up to lately and what head-turning photos she has that can cause Instagram fans to take a double look at her photo. 

If Jordyn Woods remains a mystery or an enigma to you (because she dared to cross the Kardashians, even with Kylie Jenner herself once being her BFF), then you can get to know her a bit more on social media. 

The kind of photos one can see on Jordyn Woods' Instagram can reveal so much about her persona -- sexy, fierce, a bit quiet but certainly not someone to take for granted. She is probably more popular today as the girl that Tristan Thompson cheated on Khloe Kardashian with, but her photos on IG showed more of her than these malicious reports ever will.

Below are 3 statement-making Jordyn Woods Instagram photos that make you take a double look and realize how gorgeous she is.

Bra-less Jordyn!

Back in May, while the world is still stuck in some pandemic limbo, Jordyn Woods took some time to entertain her followers with a braless snap.

She was wearing a black robe with lacy cuffs and nothing else, thereby allowing her face to pop out from the picture truly. Even if fans knew she was not wearing a bra, nobody would dare to say something trashy against her. The photo is not crude. Instead, it was sizzling and quite powerful even. 

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only u A post shared by HEIR JORDYN (@jordynwoods) on May 14, 2020 at 1:22pm PDT


Moving On Shot?

This picture on Jordyn Woods' instagram coincided with the time that news broke out that Khloe Kardashian has taken Tristan Thompson back.

The fact that Khloe can take the cheating man back after making Jordyn Woods' life hell infuriated many. Therefore, fans were demanding the Kardashian sibling to apologize to Woods. After Khloe was done with her last year, Woods' reputation was left in tatters

The 22-year-old Woods hardly fought back all through the drama, and she emerged and tpook the spotlight again looking as if nothing happened. 

Earlier in April though, Woods already showed off her IDGAF vibe when she put all her incredible curves on display in a tiny, small bikini. In contrast to her honey-colored skin, the effect is undoubtedly mesmerizing. Not to mention how Woods projected her facial expression.

This was one of the first pictures that Woods posted of her having dropped an impressive 30 pounds. While she has always been cute and sultry in the past, the weight loss certainly was a positive transformation. 

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imissyouandiloveyou A post shared by HEIR JORDYN (@jordynwoods) on Apr 22, 2020 at 5:53pm PDT


It's essentially a throwback picture since she was stuck at home just like everyone else during this period. But she indeed showed people where she would be if given a chance to go out and what kind of provocative pose she would be making in that case. 

Thicker Than Gorilla, huh?

This third snap was just posted this month, only a week ago. 

She uploaded a picture of herself in a monochrome coral outfit, looking up a camera with one of her nipples clearly visible. Again, just like the other pictures she posted (even with skin exposed or nipples showing), one cannot just describe it as trashy. Instead, it still looks classy -- a classy way of saying "free the nipple." 

The picture came with another one, though: a screenshot of someone hating on her and describing her as thicker than a gorilla. She said she posted the screenshot to explain why she felt compelled to log off Twitter. She put three laugh-crying emojis to reveal she finds such trolls funny. 


Well, that's the sad state of the online world for you! But Jordyn Woods certainly got a knack for brushing off these rude comments already because she is obviously not affected. 

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