'Analytics by Deezer' Launched to Provide Podcast Creators Data For Better Strategies

Deezer podcast hosts rejoice! Deezer has now launched a breakthrough analytics app called "Analytics by Deezer." 

This new app can help podcast hosts such as yourself check your podcast's performance, whenever and wherever. If you are always on the move, trying to think of content while needing to know how your podcast is doing, then 'Analytics by Deezer' can be of tremendous help.

While podcast hosts can access many analytic insights through the app, it's not complicated to use at all. It offers easy-to-read charts as well as stats designed for quick checking of audience and success rates. With such crucial data at your fingertips, it would be easier to think of your content strategy. The charts give you an idea which podcast content is doing well and which one you should certainly do a follow up on! 

Analytics and Audience 

Two tabs are showcasing the app's power: analytics and audience. The first one presents the number of streams, unique listeners, fans, and shares of your podcast content. The total and peak listening time data are also presented. Having these data can help you shape your podcast content strategy better. Suffice to say, you'll know what and when to post so your efforts are maximized and time wasted reduced. 

The audience tap, on the other hand, reveals the characteristics of your audience. If you designed your podcast to target a specific market, then this tab can show if you are successfully attracting the type of listeners you want. If you are not gaining the listening level from your target market, it can be a signal for you to change some of your strategies.

Conversely, if you did not have a target market in mind when you created your podcast, this tab can reveal to you who you are attracting to listen. With that data, you can create content to make them loyal listeners or subscribers. 

This tab also shows the device breakdown, so you will know if your listeners are tuning in from their desktops or from their phones. 

Where to Download 'Analytics by Deezer'? 

Analytics by Deezer is available for download, regardless if you are an Apple or Android device user. It is available on iOS and Android. 

Given all that it can do, Analytics by Deezer can certainly share insightful data to podcast producers and creators. It essentially reduces time wasted on producing content that is not even attracting listeners. It makes podcasters more aware who their audience is and if necessary, changes their content and advertising strategies to improve the podcast's performance. 

Deezer is not only offering this new app but also offering some new features on the platform. The new functions include the shows tab, the category channels, the collections section, the in-progress section, and the latest episodes.

All of these make sure users have a better experience of the platform than ever. The In Progress function, in particular, can save listeners some precious time because they can easily pick up where they left off. The function comes in a one-stop playlist where users can just go back to the unfinished episodes they have already started.

This feature should not be undermined, because it can certainly enhance the browsing experience of those listening to podcasts. If you are a podcast host, you'll like the idea of them wanting to keep coming back for more. 

Podcast creators can also share their stream numbers to their many social media accounts.  The best thing about this app though is that it free to use. 

Haven't uploaded your podcast to Deezer yet? Submit one here: https://podcasters.deezer.com/submission

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