Fans are certainly blindsided here. With news about Brad Pitt always tying him with either one of his exes, Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston, who would have thought he was dating someone else.

In fact, there are reports that they are officially together.

Team Jolie? Team Aniston? It's time to just be Team Pitt and let the man be together with someone he loves. At the moment (or forever, who knows), this someone is Nicole Poturalski. 

Suppose you want to know everything about the new Brad Pitt girlfriend and find out if she holds a torch over Jolie and Aniston, both A-list ladies in our books.

With that said, you must read the five facts about her below and make your own judgment. 

She's a SUCCESSFUL model

There is no competition between the professions of modeling and acting. The fact that she's a model does not make her a lesser woman compared to Aniston or Jolie, as some would certainly say. She's a model and a good one at that. She goes by the name Nico Mary professionally and has represented three major modeling agencies -- A Management, Oficial Models in New York, and Next Models in LA.

Landing a job with just one of those is a frustrated model's dream, and to think three got her back! 

She does not just do shoots and walk ramps, as she has graced massive magazine covers like Elle Germany and Bazaar Germany. She was discovered at the tender age of 13. A model she may be, but she's certainly more than just pretty looks and a nice body. She wanted to be a marine biologist when she was young before getting discovered. But who knows down the road?


She Has Polish Heritage and Can Speak a Total of Five Languages

Apart from speaking Brad Pitt's love language, she can also speak five official ones. This certainly has a positive effect on her being an international model.

Her Instagram would show that she goes back and forth between Los Angeles and Berlin, and occasionally vacations in Ibiza and Italy. She is well-traveled and a true-blue global citizen. She loves traveling so much that she once shared that she wishes she has the superpower for traveling in time so that she can check out amazing events that transpired in history. This is posted in her LA Management Profile.

She's a Single Mom To a Son

Now, this might be a shocker. But then, why would it be? Poturalski has a son, Emil. Though they are not together and do not speak often, it is apparent in one of her social media photos that she loves him dearly. She even calls him her best friend!

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Angel Engery. Best Friend. Best Company. Gang! A post shared by Nico (@nico.potur) on Feb 29, 2020 at 10:04am PST


She Is 'Woke' and Passionate

This is where she is very similar to both Aniston and Jolie. Like the two A-list celebrities, she has her own advocacies. Unlike typical models who can get away with ignoring political and social issues and do their jobs, Potrualski does not keep quiet when she does not want what she is hearing and seeing politically.

Nico is passionate about protecting children and fighting child sex trafficking for one.

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Protect Kids not Guns @chnge A post shared by Nico (@nico.potur) on May 6, 2020 at 5:51am PDT


She Loves To Read and Wine

Her quarantine was actually filled with books and wine, instead of clamoring to go out because she's bored inside her house. Models and stars who are used to going out and partying may find the quarantine period annoying, but she made the best of it. She documented most of her days at home, showing her reading and drinking wine. 

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10am A post shared by Nico (@nico.potur) on Jun 13, 2020 at 1:41am PDT


What made Brad Pitt enamored with Potrualski is not that hard to see. She's a woman with her own style and identity. In fact, she's very much like all the girls Pitt was linked to. There are Jolie and Aniston, and then there's another great actress in Alia Shawkat, a famous jewelry designer Sat Hari Khalsa, and even an MIT professor, Neri Oxman.

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