$200 Billion Man! Jeff Bezos' Wealth Reaches Absurd Amount During Pandemic

Jeff Bezos wasn't affected by the coronavirus pandemic at all, as his wealth continues to grow even amid the global health crisis.

On Wednesday, Bezos -- the world's richest man -- officially became even richer after his net worth skyrocketed once again.

According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, the wealth of the Amazon Chief Executive Officer has now reached an estimated $202 billion after the shares of the e-commerce company soared.

It is worth noting that his stake in Amazon contributed to the sudden explosive growth of his wealth. Since January, the company has earned $87 billion.

Refinitiv's data showed that the said stock amount grew by 25 percent over the last three months, and 86 percent so far this year. Meanwhile, the company;s growth pushed Amazon's stock price to hit a record of $3,438 per share.

Such numbers are truly impressive, especially when most companies had been forced to close down due to the global health crisis.

Bezos founded Amazon in 1994, and since then, he has been breaking records with his net worth.

Prior to his recent milestone, he became the wealthiest person on the planet in 2017. Last month, his estimated net worth marked a new global high after jumping to almost $172 billion.

Although Amazon is Bezos' biggest asset so far, it is not the only big brand he handles. Outside the massive company, he also enjoys the earnings he gets from Blue Origin, the space travel company he founded in 2000, and The Washington Post newspaper, which he acquired in 2013.

More Billionaires Amid Pandemic

While other businesses indeed suffered due to the pandemic, other tech tycoons aside from Bezos also got even much wealthier amid these trying times.

At the same time, Tesla shares pushed tech mogul Elon Musk's net worth to over $100 billion. His wealth secured him a spot on the 500 wealthiest people on the globe.

Meanwhile, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg got the nickname "centibillionaire" after his wealth surpassed $100 billion.

Apple's big boss Tim Cook also became a billionaire recentl, as his shares in the company soared and surged to $2 trillion -- making it the world's most valuable as of writing.

In addition, Cook proved that although he did not found the company, an executive can still be as successful as everyone else.

The second richest man after Bezos, Microsoft founder Bill Gates already became a centibillionaire a long time ago that his personal fortune is now worth $124 billion.

Amid the success these people enjoy, their finances could be hurt a bit by a proposed legislation being pushed by progressive lawmakers, including Senator Brie Sanders.

Earlier this month, Sanders revealed that widening income inequality pushed them to make efforts to limit the gap of people's wealth.

The plan he rolled out aims to tax the "obscene wealth gains" of billionaires during the coronavirus pandemic. The taxes will be used to offer healthcare for every American for a year.

Sanders co-sponsored the "Make Billionaires Pay Act" with Senators Kirsten Gillibrand and Ed Markey.

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