Netflix USA: 3 Best Dramas That Will Make You Cry

Netflix USA

If you need an effective outlet to let your emotions out, science has it that a good drama is the best trigger for a very much needed, good cry. We happen to believe this is true.

Good thing Netflix USA is accessible for whatever genre of film you want to watch. 

Some do not like drama movies because they do not want to feel more sad  than they are already feeling, but If you are not afraid of films that can get you in the feels, then these are some movies worth checking out.

We recommended three of our most-loved Netflix USA tearjerkers, but it was quite grueling to trim down our list to just these. To make it easier, we only considered movies that were released between 2019 and 2020, so you can be sure that these are fresh films to cry on.

All the Bright Places (2020)

People cannot recommend this enough, regardless of whether they have or have not read the bestselling book that it was based on. The book was written by Jennifer Niwen and has opened the eyes of many teens about the harsh realities of having a mental illness. For some adults, heaven forbid they be caught reading some young adult or teen romance.

With "All the Bright Places" now being a movie and accessible in Netflix USA, more adults can enjoy learning of young people's plights with mental illness, as the two main characters -- played by Elle Fanning and Justin Smith -- fall in love.

Who can stop tears from falling when confronted with two young people so in love and yet so conflicted because of their mental health?


Marriage Story (2019)

Another gem of 2019, "Marriage Story" takes its viewers to the harsh and tear-jerking realities of a family going through a divorce. Divorce might be common now, but this does not mean families no longer feel wrecked when it happened. Two people deciding to separate from each other when they were once so close are likely to encounter so many emotional hurdles, more so when they already have children.

This movie has it all, including fights and tender moments designed to make anyone with a heart cry.


El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie (2019)

If you rather not be confronted with family and mental issues and want drama with faster pacing, then this is it. If you watch the "Breaking Bad" series, you are likely to find this movie intriguing. It revolves around the character Jesse Pinkman, who is constantly unlucky in the series.

It's a story of redemption, and words like that naturally can make people feel emotional. Everyone wants a second chance or a second shot in life, after all. Seeing someone, even a fictional character, get it is so satisfying you'll cry.

With 91 percent rotten tomatoes rating, this is worth checking out regardless if you are a "Breaking Bad" series fan or not.


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