Scream 5: Five Haunting Details About the Upcoming Slasher Movie

When "Scream 4" happened, some felt that it was quite a stretch already. However, it did go quite well and some fans even clamoured for a 'Scream 5."

Now, their wish has come true!

Little bits of details are emerging these few days about the movie, most of them adding to the excitement for its release. If you cannot wait for the day to come, here are five details to feast on.

They are quite a bit haunting we must say, perfect for this OG slasher film.

Freaky #1: Neve Campbell May or May Not Be Part of It

Neve Campbell played the lead role in the movie series. In fact, while she has a great career, it was her role in "Scream" that truly made her a household name. People might forget her name sometimes, but they would no longer forget her face -- it's the face always near a masked man raring to stab someone. 

She plays Sidney Prescott in the movie and, by all means, has the most integral part of the entire "Scream" franchise. Without her, what would the story be? Can it still be called "Scream 5?" At the moment though, producers are yet to announce if she's part of those who have reprised their roles. 

David Arquette and Courteney Cox are already announced to be part of this 2022 film. Screenrant believes this is because the original director, Wes Craven, has already passed away.

Back in 2018, when she was asked about her possible return, she said it would be difficult for her to work on the film without the first director. "Wes was the heart of the thing...I think it would be difficult to work with another director," Campbell said

Freaky #2: The OG Cast Might Not Even Survive This Time. Will Sidney Die?! 

When we say OG cast, we meant the heroes -- Sidney, Dewey and Gale. They keep surviving every installment, you would think the got nine lives. If Neve Campbell reprises her role, then the whole gang is back together.

According to Arquette, there is a possibility that not all of them will survive this time.

We are not sure if we are glad to hear that or not. Glad because hey, they're humans! Or sad because hey, they are THE movie. 

"Oh, you never know! Everyone should always be worried! It's a very scary horror film! Who knows what can happen! But I'd like to see them all [survive]. I love that they've all survived this long," Arquette said

Freaky #3: The Plot Is a Killer!!

We do not know if this already the final plot since it was reported back in July.  These were just rumours though, but who knows?

As shared by a Scream fan account on Twitter, "Scream 5" will be  about a character named Sarah. This girl has, surprise, surprise, a troubled past and now has returned to her hometown to look for a criminal committing a series of vicious crimes.

There are characters whose names are unheard of in the movie so far, such as Teresa, Ryan, Annie, Leyla, Maud and many more. Some fans think this is a sign that Neve Campbell is not returning because she should be the lead, not someone named Sarah! But then others pointed out that she could very well be Sarah.

Again, who knows?! We just cannot wait to scream!

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