R. Kelly Net Worth: R&B Singer's Wealth Now Negative?

Among the huge number of talented individuals in the music industry, R. Kelly successfully carved his own name and outshined other singers.

In the 1990s, he landed his biggest break yet after securing a recording contract with Jive Records. A year later, the song "Born Into The 90's" becam an instant hit, establishing R. Kelly as a rising star.

His network continued to expand when he released his debut solo album" 12 Play" in 1993. This marked the beginning of his rise, evetually scoring three Grammy Awards for his hit song "I Believe I Can Fly" and becoming Billboard's No. 1 R&B artist of the last 25 years.

However, everything has changed in a snap due to his recent legal battles. He has been slapped with career-destorying accusations, so much so that he could end up getting broke soon.

What Is R. Kelly's Net Worth Now?

As one of the most famous R&B singer, most of Kelly's wealth directly came from his album sales and concert tours. He even sold more than 60 million album copies and 15 million singles worldwide.

However, in 2019, Celebrity Net Worth, revealed that his net worth was only $100,000.

Only a year later, R. Kelly's net worth plummeted to -$2 million -- yes, NEGATIVE.

This massive loss started in July 2018 when the "Your Body's Calling" hitmaker revealed in a 19-minute song on Spotify about the allegations surrounding his name. On the said song, Kelly claimed to be broke and needed to hold concerts "just to pay rent."

Furthermore, he admitted that he owed $20 million to IRS and several more million dollars to his label to cover his bills.

At the same time, he failed to organize tour overseas due to the issues he is facing. Unfortunately, his U.S. tours were also blocked by protests. His songs on streaming platforms like Spotify were removed from the public playlists, causing his finances to plunge even more.

Where Is R. Kelly Now?

The R&B singer has been spending his days since 2019 behind bars. He entered custody after being arrested by the NYPD and Homeland Security officials over 13 different sex trafficking charges.

Per the U.S. Attorney's Office in Chicago, the 13 charges filed against the singer included child abuse images and obstruction of justice.

The issues barged into his life after the documentary series "Surviving R. Kelly" disclosed stories about him seeing teenage girls before the start of his career.

Prior to the July 2019 arrest, R. Kelly was already charged with 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse in February 2019 and 11 more sexual offenses in May 2019. He pleaded not guilty to both.

Meanwhile, in 2008, he stood trial on sexual offenses after being connected to child pornography charges by a jury.

It is not yet known whether the most recent federal charges are linked to the previous cases. However, R. Kelly's net worth is expected to continue to be negative in the next few months or years.

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