Are you looking for your daily dose of guffaw online? Why look further when they are already in your Instagram?

Instagram is not just for following pretty stars and online sellers, it's a gold mine for the funniest to express their comedic side, too.

Here are some of our favorites -- they're not comedians in real life or by profession, but they got a knack for getting the laughs out of anyone.

A quick Instagram search and you can now see these six celebrities who are absolutely hilarious: 


Lizzo is one funny girl. She's known for her body positivity messages and amazing vocals, but she also has the talent to make people laugh. Some of her posts, when she's up to it, are so funny they can brighten up anyone's day.

She's the most recent cover of Vogue Magazine, where she was described as looking more youthful than her age (32). The magazine also called her a unique artist because she's committed to bring positivity in a world full of negativity.


Courteney Cox

Of course, she's funny. She has been in "Friends," and that must have been years in training to be hilarious.

Cox keeps posting throwbacks and references to "Friends" in her Instagram, mostly the funny ones so it's a wild happy ride to browse her profile.

Emilia Clarke

The queen of dragons just might be the queen of hashtags. Her hashtags are usually on point and witty. Make an Instagram search now and follow her! 

Tom Hanks

The actor, who has been one of the first celebrities to announce he got COVID-19, is a positive person. It is highly possible that he and his wife only recovered because they can keep each other lauging.

Tom Hanks' Instagram is a gold mine of pictures - -not of him, but of lost gloves, shoes and more. With some witty captions, his pictures always look funny.

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen is very active on social media. Make an Instagram search for her account and you'll see oodles of cute photos and funny moments.

The model and cookbook author does not stop herself from commenting on social issues, and she does not shy away from criticizing the President and other people she thinks worth calling out.

If she's laying low on politics, she constantly posts amusing things, usually of her making fun of herself. She recently posted a video of why she needs a bed rest as she carries her third baby with John Legend, and in a truly epic Teigen moment, she leaked out the gender of her baby herself.

It was funny to watch her call herself an idiot. 

Elizabeth Olsen

Elizabeth Olsen, notable for her work in the "Avengers," can be said to be the less famous Olsen sister given how massive her twin sisters -- Ashely and Mary-Kate Olsen -- are. But when it comes to just being her goofy self for all the world to see, Elizabeth wins hands down.

Her Instagram is a treasure box of unflattering selfies, mostly eating.

UNFORTUNATELY, Olsen deleted her IG just this month because people kept pressuring her to put out a statement about Chadwick Boseman's death, as if not doing so means she's not mourning about it.

This is the NOT funny side of Instagram.

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