Last time, we gave you "5 Kylie and Stormi Cute Moments That Show Kylie Jenner is a Great Mom." Since then, not only has Stormi grown, but Kylie has also upped her A-game in making these cute memories with her child. 

Kylie's IG is a goldmine when it comes to these heartwarming moments. Whenever she posts about Stormi, people just go awww -- including those who judged her when she had her baby. Sans a partner in life, Kylie is certainly managing well in raising Stormi to be a nice girl. 

The beauty mogul's captions usually say it all: she's really happy and blessed to have Stomi in her life. Kylie Jenner's kid might not know it yet, but she certainly is lucky to have the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner brood as her mommy.

Having said that, below are three more recent sweet moments between Kylie and her daughter that will surely make your heart melt.

When Baby Stormi Joined Mom During Her Vogue Shoot

When Kylie Jenner did a cover for Vogue Czech Slovakia, baby Stormi got to be with her. It's certainly a milestone for any mom and daughter duo to be able to work on a serious project together.

Stormi was not fussy at all since the shoot went well. Kylie was even able to share the cover itself and a cute behind-the-scenes shot. 

Below is the truly cute cover of the two, with Stormi looking like a professional model -- complete with the model pout and eyes looking straight at the camera. Behind the scenes, Jenner showed how sweet they were by posting a picture of them kissing. So cute!

Kylie Jenner and Stormi
(Photo : Kylie Jenner IG)

Calling Baby Stormi Her Best Birthday Gift

Kylie Jenner turned 23 recently, and she got tons and tons of gifts despite the pandemic. However, the multi-millionaire could not care less because her biggest gift is with her all the time.

In a picture she posted during her birthday, Kylie Jenner's kid can be seen helping mommy blow her candles, something most children find interesting to do. It was certainly a delight to watch their tender moment.

Plus, Stormi looked really neat with a nice outfit on. 

Kylie Jenner and Stormi
(Photo : Kylie Jenner IG)

Baby Stormi Telling Mommy Not To Be Scared

Now, this video is the one that can truly make you melt.

Videos of parents putting their heads on their children's laps to capture how they would react have certainly made the Internet a sweeter place, but seeing Kylie Jenner do the same takes things to a whole new level.

The way she touched baby Stormi's feet and the way Kylie Jenner's kid fixed her mommy's hair is just too sweet to watch. Her words, while inaudible on the video, are "dont' be afraid mommy."

Kylie Jenner and Stormi
(Photo : Kylie Jenner IG)

What a very sensitive and sensible girl. Wow! Watch the clip here

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