Even though people were harsh to Kylie Jenner upon finding out she'd given birth to Stormi Webster 2 years ago, the kid proven her greatest blessing in her life, as all kids are. Not only because she truly turned Kylie Jenner around, given all her successes in the recent years, but how adorable their bond truly is! The kid is just cute, wise, and oh-so-loving to her mom! 

Below are the five most adorable videos of the two's bonding from the mogul's social media. Watching them together makes it hard to say anything bad about Kylie Jenner, unlike the time when she still was not a mom - the media just like to make a fest out of all her 'bad" decisions. However, this time, nobody can deny she truly got a knack for parenting. 

In two sweet videos posted in the mogul's Instagram story on Friday, July 31, which was saved by DashKids, Stormi can be seen saying "I Love You" several times to her mom. The mom beamed whenever her daughter said it, but who wouldn't? Look at the videos below!

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Kylie and Stormi A post shared by Kardashian Jenner Kids (@dashkids) on Jul 31, 2020 at 1:14pm PDT

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Stormi Passes Patience Challenge

Who would forget Stormi Webster's adorable video of passing the patience test set by her mom Kylie Jenner? While it is not a new challenge designed to test kids, Kylie Jenner doing it to her own kid and Stomri passing it, certainly inspired many parents to follow suit - and posting videos of their hilarious videos, whether the kids passed or not. Check out the video of Stormi heartwarmingly waiting for her mom before she ate some chocolates. She was so tempted by it too, telling herself that patience is a virtue just to avoid getting some of the sweet stuff. Check it out here

Kylie 'Drags' Stormi Home 

Another cute moment was when Kylie Jenner literally had to carry Stormi away to go home. Stormi was shouting "not going" while laughing, making it a really, really cute moment. Not to mention, seeing Kylie Jenner truly acting like a mom, carrying her baby like THiS!  TOO CUTE!!

Stormi Dances to Kylie's "Song"

This video shows that at barely 2, Stormia already has some dancing chops, as she sings to Kylie Jenner's "Rise and Shine." Funnily though, she requests Kylie to change it to something her dad Travis Scott made. LOL. Kylie Jenner gamely gave in, acknowledging that Stormi is as much of a daddy's girl as she is a mommy's girl. 

Stormi Wakes Up to Kylie's "Song" 

Last but not the least, is a video of Kylie Jenner waking up Stormi in her in-office room by singing "Rise and Shine." It was so catchy it inspired memes and renditions, even from other celebrities! At least, Stormi did wake up, and in a good mood too.

Apart from these videos, it is apparent that Kylie Jenner is striving to be best mom for Stormi, even though she knows that she and her child are not truly the same as other mom-daughter duo out there. There's no way about it - they are truly far richer, far more popular, and far more in the limelight than everyone else. However, this does not mean she would be not be teaching her kid what is right from wrong, how to love herself, and how to recognize how blessed they are - which are things all great moms would teach their daughters.

Speaking with Harper's Bazaar back in February, she said, "I'm just trying my best, even though she's still little, to remind her how blessed we are and that this isn't normal, the way we live...It's just our life."