2020 People's Choice Awards Prediction: Why 'American Idol' Should Win Best Competition Show

American Idol Judges

Even though "American Idol" seems passe already, given how long it has been running (it was even rebooted!), it still deserves recognition in the 2020 People's Choice Awards.

Since its inception,avid fans of the program still think it is one of the best and most entertaining competition shows out there. 

Our 2020 People's Choice Awards prediction for best competition, therefore, is "American Idol" -- even if we think a lot of people would disagree. Who knows? Voters might have the same reasons as to why this show is simply the best competition show there is. 

It's Continuously Making History

The show would not be entering its 18th season if it is not doing its job -- not only to entertain viewers and garner ratings, but also, and more importantly, to make people's dreams come true. 

This competition has changed so many lives since its inception. Even non-winners get to experience their lives transformed once they showcased their singing prowess on national television. 

In the latest season that ended, Just Sam was hailed as the newest American Idol -- the first-ever LGBTQ member to win the competition. If her life is not changed by the win, some other members of the community will certainly feel empowered. 

Just Sam, whose real name is Samantha Diaz, won the contest that Rolling Stones claimed no LGBTQ member will ever win. 

"Gay, lesbian and transgender performers have won Grammys, Oscars and topped the charts, but they will never win American Idol," Rolling Stones wrote back in 2016. 

Fast forward to 2020, and here comes Just Sam. It just goes to show that the competition is truly changing with the times. 

Of course, there are critics who claimed this is hardly a win for the community since Just Sam was not open during the show. Some claimed had she been open about her sexuality, then she would not win. But how are they sure? If that is truly the case, is it really the show's problem?

The girl has the talent, and this has been discovered. Now that she has the title of an Idol, she can encourage more LGBTQ members to fight for their dreams.


It Was Rebooted! 

The fact that our 2020 People's Choice Awards prediction pick was rebooted may be a bad sign for some. After all, if it is a truly good show, why did it had to be canceled in the first place and then rebooted?

It can be remembered that "American Idol" vanished for two years from national television, only to return bigger and better than ever.

Some would like to say it must be a bad show for it to take a hiatus, but we believe that it was returned BECAUSE IT IS THAT GOOD and it is that necessary.

People with singing talents would never stop looking for platforms to showcase their skills and passion. "American Idol" opening its doors is certainly a good thing for all dreamers.

It's a TRUE Singing Competition

Lastly, we have "American Idol" as our 2020 People's Choice Awards prediction pick for best competition show because it is truly a singing competition.

Ever since Idol launched, other competition series have emerged. One of the closest competitors to "American Idol" is "The Voice" The latter has an interesting format, but if one watches the two and compare, one can conclude that Idol contestants mostly sing acapella and raw, so pure talents can truly be discovered. 

The two shows, of course, have value on their own

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