2020 People's Choice Awards Prediction: Why 'The Umbrella Academy' Should Win Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show

"The Umbrella Academy" wowed everyone -- including us -- so much so that we can't help but put it on top of our 2020 People's Choice Awards prediction for the best Sci-fi/Fantasy show of 2020.

Sci-fi films and series have been conquering the the big and small screens these days. Although they sometimes have similarities, a lot still offer something so much more different.

For instance, "The Umbrella Academy" redefined what a sci-fi series should be.

When the People's Choice Awards announced their nominees for "The Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show of 2020," the Netflix superheroes series stood out. Although its competitors received the same amount of support, it's still difficult not to notice the uniqueness of "The Umbrella Academy."

The seven other nominees include "DC's Legends of Tomorrow," "Legacies," "Locke & Key," "Supergirl," "Supernatural," "The Flash," and "Wynonna Earp." While these are all deserving of the award, "The Umbrella Academy" appears to have a distinct advantage over them all.

"The Umbrella Academy" Is Well-Received By Viewers

Since it began airing in 2019, the series mostly receive positive feedbacks from viewers. This only proves that it has the elements that consistently pique the interest of its audience..

As of writing, its two seasons have already garnered a 95 percent approval rating from Google users. Meanwhile, Rotten Tomatoes gave it an audience score of 85 percent, the highest among the other nominees.

Furthermore, seeing how a one-year-old series bag such praises explain how "The Umbrella Academy" left a unique impression to its fans.

It Has a Unique Way To Show Time Travel

The dark superhero drama is the only series that was able to end and start a new season smoothly.

It is worth noting that the story of its Season 2 revolved around 1960s Dallas, where the Hargreeves siblings reunited and defeated the nefarious Handler.

Before the season ended, the characters found a way back to 2019. Now, "The Umbrella Academy" Season 3 is given the responsibility to continue the story.

In comparison, some series offer cliffhangers that are forever left unanswered, which is not a good thing at all.

Moreover, the plot twists of this Netflix series has been incredibly mind-boggling. It has left its viewers surprised with each episode without letting them know what was up next, making its plot refreshing and entertaining.

It is not like a Marvel feel-good show, but "The Umbrella Academy" is captivating enough not to be compared to anything -- not even its People's Choice Awards competitors.

Great Cast Completed the Awesome Cinematography

For those who have seen the series since the beginning, it is quite noticeable how the characters complemented the cinematography perfectly.

There are sci-fi films that make people forget the cast because of overly detailed cinematography, or vice versa.

It is good that its leading actors know when they needed to play actively and stay still.

"The Umbrella Academy" is not an action-packed movie that takes people's breaths away instantly. Instead, it is a roller-coaster ride that made everyone's heartbeats pump differently in each episode -- and that is what made the series more lively.

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