While several artists stand out this year, The Weeknd topped our 2020 People's Choice Prediction after showing he's a cut above the rest. 

Aside from the 30-year-old Canadian singer, seven other strong contenders are also ready to grab "The Male Artist of 2020' award. Among the nominees are Bad Bunny, Blake Shelton, Dababy, Drake, J Balvin, Justin Bieber, and Lil Baby.

Though it is a neck-to-neck battle, The Weeknd is not letting his guard down.

Like the other artists on the list, he has also built a sturdy empire that made him deserving of the award.

The Weeknd Is The Real Definition of Originality and Style

Before he grabbed his own spotlight in the entertainment industry, he started as an anonymous singer on Youtube.

Though that could have been a risky move, his initially unidentified individuality helped him define who he is. Now, The Weeknd has become an artist who can create remarkable singles that can top the charts.

Those people who have listened to his music definitely felt his words. While most of his masterpieces are about dark stories and life struggles, his fans easily understand what he wants to say.

Although his songs are always deep, his voice saves people from drowning -- and such a roller-coaster ride made him even more deserving to be the Male Artist of 2020.

He Is Mysteriously Amazing

Calling him amazing is underrated, but maybe fans should call him and his arts "breathtaking" for now.

Unlike other artists, his main goal is not really to become famous. If it was what he always wanted, he would never begin his career using a pseudonym. He would not choose to continue hiding and only let people hear his voice.

If he only wanted to become popular, his fans should know who he really is.

But they don't.

However, maintaining his low profile is still the best choice he made. Making his listeners focus on his music instead bring a totally different experience.

He never posted a biography, nor used his songs to shout his name and out loud. Alternately, The Weeknd allows his fans to know him by listening to his music, and that, again, is something other artists never thought of.

The Weeknd Is The New Michael Jackson

Believe it or not, only The Weeknd can be the new Michael Jackson.

If the late King of Pop popularized "Moon Walk," The Weeknd has that style that overshadows everything else.

For years, his eccentric style left a strong impression on his listeners. Aside from his fans, even award-giving bodies have recognized his efforts. That explains why he also topped our 2020 People's Choice Awards prediction.

He is arguably one of the most successful singers of this generation, and he is bound to be the Male Artist of the Year this time.

The People's choice Award 2020 is scheduled for Nov. 16, 2020. It will also be the 46th iteration of the event that has recognized several inspiring artists, animals and works over the years.

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