Set to return on October 27, "This is Us" Season 5 is undeniably highly anticipated. More so because of the Season 4 cliffhanger. 

But we are not going to talk about Season 5 of "This is Us" here. Instead, we will be sharing you why this drama is our top choice in this 2020 People's Choice Awards prediction for best drama show. The category has some serious competitors -- "Grey's Anatomy," "Law and Order SVU," "Ozark," "Outer Banks," "Power," "Riverdale," and the "Walking Dead."

We all think they're great drama shows, but some of them have been around for so long, they are starting to feel stale (personal take). "This is Us," though, can be treated as being on its infancy stage, and we still would love it to soar so much higher.  

That said, we do not think it should win an award just because it is new compared to the others. On its own, it has a lot of merits warranting such a big award. Below are the some reasons why this 2020 People's Choice Awards prediction for Best Drama show makes sense.

Compelling Storylines

The storylines are compelling. The ones you actually care to see unfold. Some shows have so many things going on but at the same time, you could not care less how they'll end. They do not even make you think about them anymore, afterward.

"Grey's Anatomy," at one point, can accompany us to sleep because we are vested in the stories and the characters, even though we are far from being doctors. Lately, we are not sure.

"This is Us" has the same effect as the earlier seasons of "Greys." It tackles a lot of current issues, and not just political ones. Last time, we saw Randall and Kevin arguing with each other on how to provide their mom Rebecca, played by Mandy Moore, the best care as she battles hard neurological issues.

This is hardly political, but something most families with an ailing member deal with. 

A BIG Family Drama

Essentially, it's a big family drama -- and we love for those to stay on television. Do you know why horror movies are fun to watch but hardly memorable? Because 9/10, we do not think they'll happen to us. We hope family issues are like that too, but they are not, so this show pulls us right in. 

The Season 4 finale ended with the brothers severing their ties with each other. "The worst thing that happened to me was the day they brought you home," Hartley's Kevin told Sterling K. Brown's Randall."

How many of us told that exact line to our siblings at one point or another? No? Just me? 

Relevant to Present Life

Anyway, we are sure they are eventually going to make up, but they are spinning all the storylines so beautifully. It will also be tackling the COVID-19 pandemic on the upcoming season, according to reports. This is another testament that it can feature stories that are emotionally relevant. We are a sucker for such shows and for actors and actresses that can deliver such storylines.

We cannot wait for Season 5 and for our 2020 People's Choice Awards prediction for the Best Drama show to come true. 

Below is a the trailer for "This is Us" Season 5:


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