R. Kelly encountered a dreadful event behind bars after one of his co-inmates physically attacked him.

The attorneys of the record producer made a massive move after obtaining a video that shows an inmate beating their client. They further claimed that no police officer even "raised a finger" to stop the attacker.

On Friday, the singer's legal representatives submitted a court filing which revealed no one inside the correctional facility helped Kelly during the August attack.

What's worse is that they only ordered the attacker to stop when he has already severely beaten the singer.

According to CNN, the 53-year-old singer's legal team obtained a copy of the surveillance footage at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago.

They also stated that the assailant roamed around the facility first before attacking the singer. The event also allegedly left R. Kelly physically and psychologically unstable.

"An unresolved issue remains as to whether MCC personnel encouraged, and then allowed, a beating of Mr. Kelly to take place," Michael Leonard, a lawyer for R. Kelly, said. "That alone merits an evidentiary hearing."

The U.S. Attorney's Office for the Northern District of Illinois and the Federal Bureau of Prisons are yet to directly comment about the issue. However, the latter published a report saying that a prison employee actually stopped the attacker immediately with a pepper spray.

Who Attacked R. Kelly?

In August, the attacker named Jeremiah Farmer came forward and admitted that he physically attacked R. Kelly to get the media spotlight on his own case.

Meanwhile, the facility's employee identified as "D. Szyhowski" is said to have met with Farmer before the inmate left the office against his order.

Szyhowski then recalled how Farmer headed directly into a restricted section. After a few minutes, the employee heard disturbing noises coming from a nearby cell.

Upon checking the place, he found Farmer on top of Kelly while repeatedly punching his head and torso.

Szyhowski also revealed that he ordered the attacker to stop before finally spraying his pepper spray. Farmer then stopped attacking and exited the cell.

Before the assault happened, R. Kelly's request to be released on bond in the previous month was denied.

The Second Circuit Court of Appeals' decision further explained that the prosecutors saw a "clear and convincing evidence" that the singer still presents a potential danger to the community.

In addition, they also saw him as a flight risk.

R. Kelly's Case

Since he entered the federal custody in July 2019, R. Kelly's legal team has already requested his release for at least six times.

Among the charges he is facing include child pornography and obstruction of justice in Illinois. He also received state charges for 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse in February 2019 and 11 more sexual offenses in May 2019.

In 2008, he stood trial on sexual offenses after being connected to child pornography charges by a jury.

Currently, he has pleaded not guilty to all the aforementioned charges. Despite that, he remains confined inside the correctional facility.

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