Jennifer Lopez just unveiled a secret behind her much-talked-about performance at the 2020 Super Bowl Halftime Show.

On February 2, J. Lo successfully pulled off her 12-minute performance with Shakira for the Super Bowl.

The "very Shakira and very Jennifer" performances indeed left fans in awe, especially after they sang their hit songs "Whenever, Wherever," "I Like It," and "Jenny From the Block," among others.

While their vocals were powerful enough to win the crowd, J. Lo's flag cape grabbed most of the attention.

However, the 51-year-old actress revealed that the outfit remained a secret until she finally walked with it on stage. While it seemed like a simple American flag-inspired cape on the outside, it was actually designed with a Puerto Rican flag on the inside.

J. Lo kept the latter flag a secret, and no one knew about it even during rehearsals.

In her recent interview on Apple Music's "SOMOS Radio," she confessed that she was afraid someone would stop her from doing the flag stunt. As a result, it became a well-kept secret during the rehearsal.

"I just had the American flag on the outside and during rehearsals, I didn't really open it up until we were on stage, and I was like, 'Latino!'" Lopez said, via People.

J. Lo's Flag Stunt a Success!

Despite the questions she received, J. Lo could not hide how proud she felt when she finally represented herself using the outfit.

Moreover, it became one of her most-watched musical performances as an American and Latina woman.

This also explains why she chose to have her daughter, Emme, on stage to sing with her.

Per J. Lo, the idea of letting her daughter come up in a cage before singing "Let's Get Loud" symbolizes how much they want to raise their voices.

"To understand that your voice matters and to always use your voice," Lopez explained. "That's why I filled the stage with little girls."

For the singer, by making that move, they let women and Latinos know that everyone can and should speak up about different things, including injustices and inequalities.

Furthermore, J. Lo said that she felt relieved that the viewers approved such a powerful--and political--statement.

"And that was a huge statement that I hoped I did in a musical way. And this is the great thing about being a musician and being creative is that you can do things in a way that people can receive them," she went on. "And it was received in a beautiful way, thank God. But the message was there."

J. Lo Opening Doors for Other Latin Stars

After her big move during the Super Bowl, the actress did not stop promoting other Latin stars like her.

On Valentine's day 2021, J. Lo and Maluma will highlight Latinos and Latinas' power in the film "Marry Me."

Having two people of color in one movie is rare. But according to J. Lo's producing partner Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, it is "their obligation" as people who work with people of color to give them what they deserve.

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