Netflix Canceled: Streaming Giant Loses Big Time After 'Cuties' Backlash

The controversial movie "Cuties" is not providing anything cute on Netflix' financial status at all.

Ever since Netflix added "Cuties" in its growing catalog, the streaming site continues to face massive losses in terms of subscription.

In a New York Post report, Netflix chief financial officer Spence Neumann failed to mention the film during their third-quarter earnings call.

Instead of revealing their losses for the quarter, he chose to discuss their earnings in the first half of the year.

It is worth noting that these past few months truly peaked for Netflixdue to the coronavirus pandemic.

During their discussion, Neumann informed the company investors that Netflix almost met its membership goal of 195 million worldwide.

What Real Data Shows

However, several reports revealed that the streaming giant faced about 800 percent cancellations since early September. It clearly explains why the streaming giant decided to focus on a bi-annual report instead of the usual quarterly statement.

For the recent quarter, Netflix reportedly added 2.2 million subscribers globally. The figure is much lesser than what they got during the first two quarters--16 million and 10 million, respectively.

Far from what Neumann claimed, New York data analytics firms Antenna and YipitData provided a different reason behind this outcome.

Per the firms, the massive protest against "Cuties," which started in September, triggered the losses.

The French film immediately became the most controversial flick today due to its portrayal of children in a sexualized manner. In the end, it made a huge reduction in Netflix subscriptions.

Meanwhile, Antenna disclosed thatNetflix lost five times as many subscribers in the first couple of weeks of September compared to how much it lost in August.

YipitData, on the other hand, published a high diminution of subscriptions. Compared to Antenna's "five times" loss, the firm said that the cancellations even reached eight times more.compared to the previous period.

How #CancelNetflix Started

Within the first two days of its premiere, "Cuties" immediately ignited criticisms from critics and subscribers.

#CancelNetflix took the top spot on Twitter's trending topics list for several days. It also caused netizens to launch a petition on, urging Netflix users to cancel their subscriptions over "Cuties."

The petition also aims to remove any other films and series on the streaming service "that exploits children and creates a disturbing vibe."

Over 650,000 people have already signed it, a few hundred thousands away from its 1 million goal.

"Please sign and share. Please make the choice to prove to Netflix our children are more valuable than our entertainment, and our money is better spent else where!" sai Kelsi Swift, the petition creator.

Meanwhile, the Parents Television Council (PTC) made a move and asked President Donald Trump to instruct the Department of Justice to look into Netflix and the film "Cuties."

"Mr. President, more than 30 members of Congress have now spoken out against 'Cuties,' and many have called for Congressional hearings or an investigation. But the problem with sexualizing children on Netflix runs deeper than just 'Cuties,'" PTC president Tim Winter penned, as seen on the publicized letter in a press release.

They also penned a letter addressed to Missouri's Sen. Josh Hawley in September, urging him to do the same thing.

As of writing, no investigation has been launched yet.

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