Taylor Swift's "Folklore" is the epitome of music beauty, which is why we have it winning Album of the Year in our 2021 Grammy Awards predicition. 

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Swift offered her fans a surprise eighth album titled "Folklore."

Released last July 24, the 63-minute album followed its predecessor, "Lover." The latest Swift album contains songs and stories which the 30-year-old singer created during the lockdown period.

Now, the work of art is up against a slew of other masterpieces after it was nominated for the "Album of the Year" in the 2021 Grammy Awards. Other nominees include "Chilombo" (Jhene Aiko), "Black Pumas - Deluxe Edition" (Black Pumas), "Everyday Life" (Coldplay), "Djesse Vol. 3" (Jacob Collier), "Women In Music Pt. III" (HAIM), "Future Nostalgia" (Dua Lipa), and "Hollywood's Bleeding" (Post Malone).

While her contenders are also deserving, Swift and her "Folklore" album is just a cut above the rest.

"Folklore" Offers the Best Definition for Pop

As one of the well-renowned pop stars of this generation, Taylor Swift gave justice to music once again.

In the 17-track (18 on Deluxe version) album, the singer created music and told a story. Listener would definitely feel like they are missing someone they never met or feel peace in sadness.

Swift's "Folklore" is a sweater-weather record that gained the title of being the singer's only indie album.

Turning pop music into one that can make a lonely summer smooth-sailing is one of Swift's greatest innovations. And through the album, she gave her fans nostalgia and made them remember their sentimental days.

The Album Takes Listeners To Another World

This album feast is full of stories from different perspectives. In every track, Swift takes her fans to another dimension and timeline.

In the album, listeners can get a glimpse of fictional, historical and personal stories. What made the album uncomplicated despite the roller-coaster journey is the fact that it tickles everyone's imagination.

From Swift's strumming to electronic and classical music, "Folklore" surely satisfies the fans who have been clamoring for a change amid the health crisis.

But despite these changes, Swift still gave herself the freedom to still use her original themes while improving them. Thus, she made everyone feel homesick and crave something new at the same time.

Swift Gave Birth To Her New Self Through "Folklore"

Maybe she had been affected by her Netflix documentary "Miss Americana" that the singer managed to get out of her world to create something new again.

The introspective folk-pop album became Swift's newest world, as it let her show her soft side.

With the autumnal accompaniments in each track, "Folklore" turned her melancholy into something everyone can relate to. The album itself is full of other people's life stories and experiences.

While most of the songs seemingly made it look like a breakup album, it remains unknown who Swift is cutting ties from--but it is definitely not from Joe Alwyn.

Is she saving herself from the pandemic? From the world? Or does Taylor Swift only want to create something everyone could relate to?

Whatever reason she has, Tay-Tay still did a great job.

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